Asi Work

Then asked directly Guillier five: a Do you support the project HidroAysen, or agree with similar projects? a . The first to respond was the independent candidate of the pact appropriations by a Chilean Clean, Merry Rate , Eduardo Cruces. a En our region has become fashionable, and the question is you are in favor or against mega power, which has allowed the views are polarized, and that divides us. Today as a region we must be able to talk on the subject and ask how to deal with, not only dams but the mega projects in our region that are necessary because they allow to absorb unemployment and occupy our local workforce, but that we have required said the doctor. Before you notice it Guillier a entonces yes, but a , which was requestioned by reiterating that a Cruces Oeno, the condition is that we require all environmental protection projects . Antonio Horvath reiterated: a Asi as the project is raised because it has 2000 miles of line that does not know where they are going to happen and that’s an aberration. Second, Chile has a wonderful unconventional renewable energy to be developed in each of the regions. And, as noted, this will not work because it will create work to bring out is a matter of going to see the large central and left after the pie from the social point of view . For even more details, read what baby clothes says on the issue. MP added that a nosotros we must be able to make demands as a region of very, very clear.

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