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– Exchange software: Exchange. I – profit2006 (Skype: gennadiy3881) – I have a training course on CD-ROM – how to create your own blog from scratch (bought for $ 150) – that offer in return? – Exchange programs, or pay indicators and so on … Any ideas are welcome … If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gary Kelly. Condition, do not forget to write your proposal at the end of Skype to the person concerned can contact you. I also you can get the best materials, if subscribe to my New Blog Category 2. My idea (something I'm fascinated). Then, please post your ideas (in condensed form – conceptually) about trading, investment, training, capacity-resources …

anything, in relation to trading – important that your idea was exciting and promising, at least from your point of view – the reading audience (I'll put the best ideas in their distribution, and therefore know about them hundreds of traders, including my subscription now More than 450 traders) will be able to assess luchishie ideas and you may be offered assistance in their implementation! Example: My idea. I – profit2006 (Skype: gennadiy3881) – create an online portal PROFITMANIA – Academy of success – starting with trading – need fresh ideas and are moderated its category? Send me a your idea, start typing the text of your branches, and the headings: – Psychology of trading – the soft and indicators – trading systems – programs that have changed trading (volfiks, for example) – dillingovye centers come up with your heading – and so on you have experience in one or another category? Write to me – I will place your branches on the resource – will be able to teach, to communicate with colleagues and so on … So, for placement in my blog, your proposal must begin this way: My idea. I – this is … (Skype: this is …) – then a short description of ideas … The main thing that you have an idea entirely carried away, otherwise it may be of interest to other traders? You have not yet subscribed to my blog? It is a crime! Subscribe to this blog

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