Buy Real Estate

If you are going to buy a house in Sardinia, do not postpone this decision a long time. Real estate prices in Sardinia today, yet the crisis period, it is very attractive. The selling price of homes in Sardinia compared with the pre-crisis period fell by an average of 20%. Special attention in this matter deserves the northern part of the island. For those who plan to buy real estate in Sardinia, north of Sardinia unusually appealing. Here are the most beautiful beaches in Europe, two international airports (in Alghero and Olbia), several ports (Olbia, Porto Torres, Santa Teresa), which on a cruise ship can cross over to mainland Europe. In the north Sardinia hosts various international sailing regatta, there are extraordinary in its beauty, nature reserves, and here is the largest province in Italy – Sassari.

With the development of the Costa Smeralda in the north-east (Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo) and Alghero in the northwest of the north of Sardinia has become more popular. But it happened very recently and many areas are still left unexplored. In recent months, Scott Mead has been very successful. This part of the island of Sardinia today is very attractive not only for those who want to buy a house in Sardinia, but in general for investment. Sardinia, abandoned to their fate in the Mediterranean Sea, is almost equidistant from the coast of Tuscany and the Tunisian coast of northern Africa. So it too far for those who want to buy a property in Sardinia? It's safe to say that there is.

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