Mothers Ask Gazizullina

The story began seven years ago when his son Farit Gazizullina, Renat, left his wife, Elmira, with two children: seven-year-old Timur and Amir. Farit Elmira offered a deal: she does not go longer married, he provides material well-being and her heirs. But the deal did not materialize, Elmira married Dmitri Matveev, we now have them, but the boys from his first marriage, son, Arkady, and adopted daughter Mary, and a happy family. Was, until Farit Gazizullin not decided to pick his successor, his grandson, which chose the time – 14 years of Tamerlane, a passport. Method of weaning children from the mother was chosen as the most unsightly, although apparently methods such ungodly things does not happen. November 22, 2008-year Timur went to stay with his grandfather and did not return, as it turned out, it is illegal without the consent of parents have taken out abroad. Three months later, in March 2009, police received a complaint from the father Timur – Renata, the same Renata, who left their children seven years ago Son de complained to him that his stepfather regularly beat and tortured him And this statement with reference to the complaint was sufficient. Consequence started just once, to the same was put to the control of the Central Investigation Department (!), as if there was a case of some unthinkable crime of special importance to the state.

And two months later, on April 22 unsuspecting, interrogated Dimitry Matveev – was taken into custody! The first reaction of the prosecutor’s office was a natural: the deputy prosecutor of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, Counsellor of mv demanded an end to the prosecution, dv Matveev, citing numerous violations of the investigation. Immediately after this Voschinsky was removed, and Lypove investigation continued to gain momentum, despite the obvious: a crime was not. Photos allegedly tortured the boy, made the resorts Arab Emirates, Italy and so on, where he is happy and cheerful, without any traces of beatings and other violence, speak eloquently about the falsity investigation. For decency Matveeva gave a personal guarantee representative of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia on cooperation with law enforcement authorities Dimitry Smirnov. It says a lot. Appeal to the Public Prosecutor Moscow Semin jj on this issue did Grishankov mi, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Security, the Chairman of the Commission of the State Duma Anti-Corruption. But all to no avail. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Apparently, the former Minister, now a member of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Gazizullina who is behind all this professional case, did not care.

Do not confuse investigators, who dazzled a professional case merely on the statement Gazizullina. Do not bother Prosecutor’s Office, which is ready to support such absurd accusations in court and does it. The court is now. Along with the excitement of this professional case in another court began the process of withdrawal from the family’s second son – Amir. It is clear that the “take” it can be used only if the court finds Dmitri Matveev “victimizers.” To venture this second process, it was only possible in the case of full confidence in dealing with this professional trial Dmitry Matveev. An amazing confidence! That’s how we live on their land in their country. Senior officials rob children put their parents, the press was silent, everyone is happy.

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