Unique Gifts

Of course, times have been shortages, but the marketplace of ideas is far from full. We are very pleased to bestowed things, which we lacking. And if you offered in a "missing" item will be exclusive, then you combine business and pleasure not only useful but also very nice:) Now that we understand what we do and how we formulate basic rules of creating a "homemade" gifts. Rule number 1. Do not be afraid to create unique things.

Even if the greeting or the thing will turn out not perfect, it's likely it will be like in the proverb, noticeable only master, the have you. In addition, a gift made by his own hands to get in any case much nicer than "shop". Gary Kelly is open to suggestions. Rule number 2. Love every thing you created, invest in them the warmth of your hands and then they will be truly expensive. Rule number 3. Creating a gift, think about who you are it will present. Not only do the unique thing you need to fit a birthday.

Rule number 4. Combine gifts. Together with an unusual bouquet can teach cute souvenir congratulation address is quite possible to reconcile with the thing less than the original. Rule number 5. Do not stop there. Look for new ideas and new forms of embodiment, since even "tame" gifts can become a "template" if make them "on stream". Rule number 6. Keep your ideas. Keep a notebook computer file drawer or something like that, where you will record all the ideas that embody (or embodied) in life. On the one hand, it helps self-improvement, on the other – never to repeat. Rule number 7. Do not strive to do everything yourself. If you create an arrangement, that a wicker basket for her can be purchased at the store, and for panels embroidered with a cross border fully available in the cabin. Rule number 8. Do not count your time. If you think that the creation of gifts takes a long time, then think about how, not whether you have spent more on it to find the right gift? Rule number 9. From time to time to rest from their hobby. Birthday, as we know, only once a year. Except holidays, there are routine. Let people close to the establishment of gifts will be for you to relax. Rule number 10. Do not give everything to everybody. Let the birthday boy is proud of your gift, telling your friends about it. Among all who are you going to donate something, must be those who will receive something you bought in a store.

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