Lutsk Vladimir

Soon there was a well fortified outpost – the first barrier in front of the Vladimir principality. Andrew loved and respected and vigilantes, and common people for his valor and integrity judgments. In those days, selfishness and lust for rich overwhelm the mind of some of the princes. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. Justifying himself, believing himself deprived and resentful brother forgot the ties of blood and went to his brother, a nephew of his uncle. And there was no end to this until someone does not prevailed in this terrible struggle. That and the princes Vladimir and Izyaslav not resist, went with weapons on their relatives. Yuri Dolgoruky assembled princes and boyars, and decided to punish the wayward princes.

The first meeting of the teams occurred in the city of Lutsk, which kept the defense of Vladimir. Too were confident in their superiority princes, without investigation, they came near to Lutsk, and here they awaited the punishment for their carelessness. Opened the doors of the city, and a large group of archers of Prince Vladimir in order of battle came down to meet soldiers and began to shower cloud of arrows of his opponents. Many soldiers were killed, and the army in the confusion was ready to disperse. But Andrew with the team pounced on his prey, the enemy was express his sword.

Inspired by the bravery their commander's soldiers rushed to the enemy and turned it into flight. The prince saved the army from defeat. Many feats of arms done Andrew and for that his father gave him in the reign of the city Vyshgorod.

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