One is about a teacher graduated letrase with specialization in ' ' methodologies of ensino' ' later ' ' language eliteratura' '. Oprimeiro aspect that valley to be mentioned is the pleasure that this demonstrated to emfalar of literature. Its formation ahead of what it was mentioned is well solid, but if it cannot disdain the pleasure and the security that the professional has aoexpor its craft. Moreover, since the first instant of its speech it was elafixou in literature in its function of awaking the sensitivity of the man. As the same one places ' ' the mathematics develops oraciocnio while literature develops sensitivity. Literaturadiferenciando itself of the mathematics she is charming exactly for its infinitaspossibilidades.

while who works with numbers leaves estressado, to trabalharcom literature I feel relaxada' '. The same one approaches that teaching literature goes almdo that to get information on one dadocontexto historical of a workmanship. What it tries to pass to its pupils of estiloslhes a reflection demands all so that the same it has capacity of relacionartemticas of the literary schools with thematic contemporaries. Aotrabalhar lhea another used resource pelaeducadora to work the reading and writing from the reflection thematic one is leiturasfeitas it jornais.em appreciation to thematic any is requested related algumaatividade that. The teacher says satisfied, who vezesela if surprises at the productions and is from that it evaluates seutrabalho. Naocasio of this interview, one of the investigations was how much to the interest of alunospara with the literature education, if it was possible to notice a reception or umdesprezo on the part of these.> According to interviewed, it has a bemrelevante decay how much to the interest of the students for what it is moved in literature. Noentanto, believes that work obtained to develop with its considervelresultado satisfactory, I number since it of pupils whom they had opted to cursarletras in the last vestibular contest grew of significant form, moreover relataque already perceived changes on the part of some when these had started to aenvolver themselves with literary universe, therefore for its joy I number it of leitoresna school had a growth.

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