Material Handling

Compact Wheel Loader GEHL SL 4640 Turbo with a width 1680 mm bucket, carrying capacity – 750 kg * s and 815 kg counterweight – * optional High-Flow (high-speed hydraulics), the engine DEUTZ, binding system All-Tach attachment to equipment. * The option ‘High-Flow’ or high-speed hydraulics increases the amount of supplied hydraulic fluid (oil) from 72 l / min to 114 l / min. * Counterbalance forklift capacity increases by 136 kg. Telehandler MT 1436R (series intended for rental). Payload 3600 kg, lifting height of 14 meters. Horizontal boom 9.38 meters.

Series replace MT dump trucks, bulldozer, crane, hoist and tower (the large range of attachments.) Equipped with stabilizers, leveling, have a drive to all four wheels. Telehandler MT 1840 EP. Payload 4000 kg, height 17.5 meters. Horizontal boom 13.17 meters. Steering three modes: turn two or four wheels and a ‘crab’ progress. For the models MT 1440 and MT 1840 series A set working platforms for lifting cargo and passengers (a large range of attachments.) Telehandler MRT 1850 Turbo Privilege construction equipment. Payload 5000 kg, lifting height of 18 meters.

Horizontal boom 15.20 meters. High performance regardless of the position of the tower, the maximum capacity at 360 . The possibility of partial nomination of the stabilizers. The right solution for work in confined spaces. Horizontal extension. A very good ground clearance under the plate. Do not want to completely retract the stabilizers when driving the car. Quick Installation = increased productivity! In its competitors – it is impossible to push regulators to install on a slope (large selection of attachments.) Forklift MI 70H. Load capacity 6000 or 7000 kg, height rise from 3 to 6 meters. Engine – Diesel Perkins 1104C-44T turbocharged 100 hp Hydrostatic transmission – the most precise control with absolute precision. Gradeability with load – 38-45% – the best indicator of 6.7 ton models! Mast tilt – 10/12 . Electric forklift CD 30P. Carrying capacity from 3000 to 3500 kg, lifting height from 3 to 6 meters. Engine – Diesel Kubota V2403, EURO III. Engine – Gas, diesel Nissan H25, EURO III. Sideshift (Side Shift). 180 ATJ lifting platform. Payload – 230 kg including 2 people. Outdoors – the wind> 45 km / hr. Working height – 17.65 meters. Horizontal reach – 10.60 / 7.15 meters. Length in transport position – 5.77 meters. Engine – PERKINS – 404S22-45 hp Turning radius indoor / outdoor. – 3.66 meters. Weight – 8090 kg. Three variants of the steering, four-wheel driven, control of the “crab”, two steering wheels. Full-chassis makes it easy to move, automatically adjusting the speed to change the landscape, allowing, also, to climb to 40% on rough terrain. Forklift mounted adjustable hook from 1200 to 4000 kg, is designed for all telehandlers range Maniscopic.

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