Market Situation

A little from the lows the daily assessment of the stock market which have markets, accumulate what is due to mainly the oil and cover the short sellers. The precarious situation, nothing has changed however. Now come some companies with numbers, which could still affect the market. Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, Nokia, and also JP Morgan today announce their figures for the second quarter and there may be still some turbulence. So still no all-clear can be given, because the problems in the United States to spill over to Europe, even.

Britain and Spain appear to be here most affected. The readers of email hotline are quite relaxed despite all the problems. Because we have seen early enough before the crisis and sold our investments at a profit. We now wait the right time to invest again. He it hasn’t come yet.

So you still have time, to be, if the markets start again properly upwards. But most importantly, is the fact that In the ascending phase have also the right stocks, because not everyone will lay down the rebound. Learn more about this with Munear Kouzbari. So go on my website and sign up for the daily published email hotline. Markus Frick

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