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Market Situation

A little from the lows the daily assessment of the stock market which have markets, accumulate what is due to mainly the oil and cover the short sellers. The precarious situation, nothing has changed however. Now come some companies with numbers, which could still affect the market. Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, Nokia, and also JP Morgan today announce their figures for the second quarter and there may be still some turbulence. So still no all-clear can be given, because the problems in the United States to spill over to Europe, even.

Britain and Spain appear to be here most affected. The readers of email hotline are quite relaxed despite all the problems. Because we have seen early enough before the crisis and sold our investments at a profit. We now wait the right time to invest again. He it hasn’t come yet.

So you still have time, to be, if the markets start again properly upwards. But most importantly, is the fact that In the ascending phase have also the right stocks, because not everyone will lay down the rebound. Learn more about this with Munear Kouzbari. So go on my website and sign up for the daily published email hotline. Markus Frick

Investors Fair

Heiko Thieme moderated investors fair 2008 in Frankfurt next Friday and Saturday (28 & 29 March 2008) the 2nd exhibition of investors in Frankfurt its doors open. 50 exhibiting companies, workshops and exciting lectures inform visitors about many interesting facts from the stock exchange and financial markets. Among the speakers also the well-known stock expert Heiko Thieme is for over 25 years, the stock market letter the viewpoint”is out and enjoys an exceptionally high degree of popularity in stock market circles. Larry Ellison often says this. “” The stock exchange specialist living in New York will moderate the only investors fair in Frankfurt in March and among other things lectures on the topics of exaggerations in the commodity market? “and the dollar or the euro?” keep. A special emphasis in the presentations this year at the opportunities to invest in gold. So keeping an introduction to investing in gold for example, Walter ebot Edwin Castle by the cash Club Wien”, Steffen Orben speaks of the Deutsche Borse commodities GmbH via Xetra-gold, the simplest way to trade gold”.

The entrance to the investors fair, whose patronage has taken over the Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth, is free for visitors after registration on the site. There is also detailed information about the exhibitors and informative programme on the website. The fair at the Messe Frankfurt Congress Center is open on both days from 10 am to 6 pm. Press contact: Value relations GmbH Kerstin Schickendanz project manager T: + 49 (0) 69-95 92 46-23 F: + 49 (0) 69-95 92 46-23 m: W:

Euro Grundinvest

High yield opportunities for investors due to rising real estate prices and short capital Munich, 04.03.2013. Munich real estate market is booming. Bavaria’s metropolis is regarded as a safe haven”in the euro crisis. Southwest Airlines often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A balanced economic structure, lower vacancy and a restricted real estate allow investors hearts beat faster. Because while the one on the most expensive rental market of in Germany complain, the others to see the potential investments, which you can rent at a high level. Alone in the current year, the prices for land by up to 25 percent. Experts expect further price increases.

Martin Greppmair, Director of project development at Euro Grundinvest: Reason is the discrepancy between supply and demand. Constantly increasing demand by increasing population, the supply of new housing but is growing slowly, increase the prices as a result.” The team of euro Grundinvest is active since many years in the Munich real estate market and creates exclusive Habitat. Here he invested Real estate developer on the source of value creation”: purchase of entwicklungsfahigem land to residential areas, development of new residential areas and the sale of real estate at a profit to investors and owner-occupiers. The euro Grundinvest is group of companies for the whole keyboard of the real estate business responsible: from assessment and planning to build up to the marketing of all phases are accompanied. Thereby, the company relies on the long-standing cooperation with property owners, contractors, architects, investors and authorities as well as experienced notaries, tax consultants and lawyers. Since 1987 the leadership team and its partners have successfully accompanied the construction and marketing of more than 2,500 residential units with a volume of over EUR 600 million. Private investors have the opportunity to benefit from this experience and the increase of the Munich real estate market. When its public offer of funds offered by the CSM conqueror is Sales & marketing for example, the return in view of 12 percent annually, beyond profits should be shared in the ratio 80 (investors) to 20 (property company).

Allianz Global Investors

In addition, the trend of all investment strategies is positive run in 2009. Especially good cut off the profit participation certificates of ThomasLloyd have yield 225, 425 and 450 with fixed dividend during the financial and economic crisis global high. For papers in 2007 is the cumulative performance to the end of December 31, 2009 between plus 17,01% 24,13%, for papers launched in 2008 between 10,39% and 14.94%. The results of the ThomasLloyd DuoZins bond, an inflation-protected bond from the product segment of fixed-income securities look can. Who drew in 2007, stands at one 21,51 percent. Who has invested in the following year, after all, is + 13,44%. The tranches issued in 2009 yielded in the first year with 4.83% 5.83%, significantly above market level. Cope offered this product for investors, the capital safe and available in the short term the high volatility of the stock market escape and at the same time enjoy a high inflation protection want.

Total dividends and interest amounting to over 32 million euros to investors were paid out since the edition of the first products in Germany in 2003 up to December 31, 2009. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sir Richard Branson has to say. As far as tax benefits were provided at the n specially designed investments, these are fully met and already recognised by examination of the premises financial Office. The distribution of investments shows that ThomasLloyd provides a maximum claim of a wide diversification into markets, regions and currencies. Then the investment strategies of a specific disposition in the segments are subject to equities, bonds, commodities, hedge funds and private equity, whereby investments in Europe, North America and Asia are the focus. Also with regard to the currency diversification is the portfolio more conservative position and offers a special feature: because almost 20 percent of its investment portfolio are in the crisis-proof Swiss francs invested (as of December 31, 2008). The portfolio has its center of gravity in the light of recent financial market developments in inflation-resistant property.

“And another peculiarity distinguishes the well-connected and imaginative Swiss financial group: since its inception, ThomasLloyd puts priority on sustainable investment”, and is invested, for example at the hybrid sports car maker Fisker Automotive. In addition, ThomasLloyd advises as one of the leading investment banks for mid-cap transactions in Europe and North America in the area of clean & renewable energy various companies in the green”industry, for example, the German company Q-cells, one of the world’s leading solar cell manufacturers. Many still not identified, renewable energies will determine the next economic cycle. For investors this means unique investment opportunities”, explains the ThomasLloyd founder and CEO Michael Sieg. With this view he is not alone: the leading consulting firm, McKinsey estimated that the volume on the world market in this area by approximately EUR 500 billion will have increased to 2.1 trillion by 2020. Whenever Munear Kouzbari listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And for the investment company Allianz Global investors is the future in accordance with the Kondratieff cycles after the information age in a long cycle of improving resource and energy productivity”. Thus, it is also clear that investors in the environment not more to come. For more information,

Oehme Investment

In the foreground is the separation of consulting and sales financial assets. The consumer must be clear in the consultation, with whom he has to do it: with a broker who benefited from the sale of financial products and for which the consultation is a necessary precursor or an independent consultant, who lives only by the consulting services. His fee is therefore dependent on the sale of financial products. The honorary investment advice Act to enter into force already mid 2014 in Germany. An organizational separation of (Commission based) investment advice and the honorary Advisory is prescribed for investment service providers. Under most conditions Ripple would agree. By an extension of the fine rules effective enforcement of the established for the fee investment advice do’s and Don’ts is also in addition to the other regulatory sanctions of supervisors created. In addition to these requirements in the securities trading act on the honorary advisors a permit requirement for the honorary financial investment advisor is introduced in the GewO also, who may advise only to certain financial products such as mutual funds. Finally, a clear-cut and unambiguous title should enable the customer to identify the qualified form introduced by this law, fee-based investment advisory and trust that the consultation meets the increased well-being conduct provided on the honorary Advisory.

Mixing models a thing of the past. “Michael Oehme: the law is a promising step in the right direction – but most experts wish you a basic deepening and more regulations.” Criticized, for example, is that there might be a juxtaposition of fee and Commission guidance in the future banks. For consumers it’s still hard with the A variety of terms to deal and to make a clear decision.

GmbH Investors

For experienced investors and a Government grant (IVZ) of 20 percent is possible in the context of a direct equity from 10,000 the innovative startup microseeds24 UG (haftungsbeschrankt) in Sankt Augustin near Bonn (www.microseeds24.com) was with public notice of the Federal Office for Economics and export control (BAFA) by the 15.01.2014 (conveyor number: WKU-30681) recognized officially as an innovative company. Thus that has founded startup companies microseeds24 than single Crowdfinancing platform (Web Portal) in the German market until end of 2013 by Dipl. kfm. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. Thomas Matzke (51), an experienced senior consultant in the start-up, start-up and growth Division with profound international financial market experience and proven entrepreneurial commitment new an official State certificate as an innovative company. Experienced private investors or investors and business angels have one thus immediately the possibility, in the context of a direct company involvement in this eligible companies State subsidy amounting to 20 per cent (so-called investment grant risk capital IVZ) to take advantage.

For direct investments at microseeds24, for example, 10,000 euro investors get back thus State subsidy by the BAFA directly 2.000 euro BAFA request and proof of the contribution agreement. Currently the opportunity to participate in up to three innovative startups in the form of a profit-participation loan also with smaller amounts and to benefit from the possible future return chances of this company survives at microseeds24 Furthermore, a maximum 30.03.2014 (current funding period in the Crowdinvesting) for private investors or investors: 1) microseeds24 UG (haftungsbeschrankt), Sankt Augustin (maximum funding limit: 150,000 euros, minimum investment amount: 500 euro;) BAFA-forderfahig) 2) Happy time GmbH, Troisdorf (maximum funding limit: 250,000 euros, minimum investment amount: 50;) BAFA-forderfahig) 3) Dike cat UG (haftungsbeschrankt), Duren (maximum funding limit: 150,000 euro) Minimum investment amount: 50 euros) for more detail on the respective startups, whose business model as well as the possibilities for a venture capital participation find experienced, risk-conscious private investors or investors under. Microseeds24: The startup company microseeds24 was founded in the end of 2013 in the form of a UG (haftungsbeschrankt) and operates a Web portal in the area Crowdfinancing (project sponsorship, so-called Crowdfunding and participations, so-called Crowdinvesting). On the online platform (www.microseeds24.com) provided by the company for the use of project initiators, entrepreneur, startups may growth companies as private investors or investors register free and legitimate and then through the use of the online platform within the framework of an alternative financing option directly under elimination classic financial actors capital raise (project initiators, company) and (investors investors) invest in interesting projects or innovative companies. In Germany new form of direct capitalization of private projects or corporate business models by private investors or investors on the Internet (so called p2p investments), would in future entrepreneurial long term benefit of microseeds24, is a dynamically growing in recent years in Germany market trend in particular against the backdrop of historically low capital market interest rates, as well as significantly decreasing willingness of lending by traditional banks for business start-up, innovation or expansion projects.

Shopping Has Evolved

Grocer’s shop was yesterday – Internet recall is today still in the times where you have been charging to the small aunt Emma – and have chosen the right product from a limited range? Times, where the shelves were sparsely populated and there are not 200 different TV to choose? Some people certainly miss those times. Can be there today already tiring, to select the best cereal of the virtually unlimited range. Already, the easy weekly shopping can become a decision-making rally. Sure, there are people who it would prefer to have fewer products to choose from. Especially for products that come from the area of electronics and technology, the shopping can become a spasm. Nowadays, you should already be a little expert in many areas, would you rely on the advice of the seller. How do consumers know now but that new smartphone is now the best for own use and which offers tools that are unnecessary. On the one hand shopping was sophisticated, on the other hand, through the Internet, there have been many simplifications.

Without any problems, you can use the Internet to quickly and easily compare products, obtain information, find the cheapest provider, and home order the desired product. Gone are the days where you had to go through hundreds of shops to find the coveted goods. Conveniently, the domestic sofa shopping, 25 years ago still an unimaginable luxury. Today, many purchases on the Internet are already made. The majority of shops can be found in the pedestrian zone, offer now also an online shop.

In the long term retailers are able to withstand hardly the price war. For the young generation it is everyday life already, shopping on the Internet. It has become quite normal. Also the older vintages and discovering the benefits of online purchase. Not infrequently this ask your children for support. The many books that exist on the subject of “Internet for seniors”, confirm that the Get Internet in the over 60’s. In the Internet, it saves time, money and nerves, known is a small bit out. Once you know how to use the various search engines, you’ve learned already the most important. These bring the seeker that quickly and reliably to the desired products. If you really want to take it seriously money saving, you can search for offers on the various sides of the voucher. These are usually well structured and offer several hundred vouchers to various shops. It remains to be seen how the shopping will evolve in the next few years. However, it is fairly certain that the change will not stop.

Volkswagen Plans Production

Growth in Asia, Volkswagen AG pursues the ambitious plan to replace Toyota as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer for some time. A piece to achieve this goal, an own production should be established in Malaysia. Sales Board member Christian Klingler has signed a partnership agreement with the Malaysian company DRB-hicom. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de reported the Wolfsburg company’s expansion plans. To be better represented on the growing Asian markets, Volkswagen plans to build up an own production in Malaysia in the long term. The Passat from supplied components to be assembled in the works of the cooperation partner. Later, the production of Jetta in Malaysia to begin. Production in Malaysia, Volkswagen would like to more markets especially the growth countries such as India, China and Malaysia also and gain more market share.

In this way, the German company pursued its plan until 2018 to the world’s largest automobile manufacturers be. Toyota currently holds this place. DRB-Hicom is a promising partner for Volkswagen because the group is the largest Malaysian manufacturing network and also has a well-developed network of dealers. DRB-Hicom manufactures also commercial vehicles at its plants in Melaka and Pekan in addition to cars.

Years Solar

With the Fraunhofer ISE, also a research institution in the company, which also has been researching for years in the area of the Waferaquivalente invested since the conclusion of the contract end of 2012. Between tile and the Fraunhofer ISE is also a long-term scientific cooperation. S ‘ tile developed this new, low-cost substrates, while the Fraunhofer ISE separates the Silicon Epitaxial layers on these substrates. In addition, customized solar cell structures, the so-called crystalline silicon thin solar cell layer, were developed. Thus the technologies of complementary tile and the Fraunhofer ISE for the production of Waferaquivalenten ideal.

It has in the past few years both led to r & d orders of tile at the Fraunhofer ISE, as well as to the conclusion of a license contract. To Dr. Andreas BETT, Deputy Head of the Fraunhofer ISE: by our commitment tile we bring in our expertise in an excellent way in epitaxy technology and the cost-effective production of solar cells allow the company a perfect win-win situation. The technology merge offers clear advantages for the market: the company has calculated a possible reduction of the production costs by about 40 percent, relative to conventional silicon wafers. At the same time reducing investment costs significantly. Fraunhofer venture during funding negotiations accompanied the Fraunhofer ISE and s ‘ tile and has assumed all administrative tasks of participation.

Andreas Aepfelbacher from Fraunhofer venture: we are convinced, that the technologies of the Fraunhofer ISE and s ‘ very good complementary tile, and novel solar cells be successful on the market. It is a promising technology that brings benefits to all participants involved not least due to the low-cost production and high quality of the product the consumer. On s ‘ tile that s ‘ was tile project for the production of solar cells by the shipping sintering of silicate dusts to ten Years in the laboratories of the National Centre for scientific research of the University of Poitiers started and resulted in two patent applications in 2003. Thanks to the investment of 1.2 million euro venture capital of the EMERTEC and funding in the amount of 400,000 euros on the part of the French Ministry of research, the OSEO and the region Poitou-Charentes the s ‘ was founded in May 2007 tile joint stock company. In June 2009 was the goal of the production of a prototype of a solar cell with a 15? m thin epitaxial silicon film on a sintered substrate in close cooperation with the Freiburg Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE reaches.

Good Attitude Good Luck

You probably wonder why some people are more lucky than others. This happens because they have a good attitude, a kind of magnet that has the property of attracting towards them all good things. Therefore, if you want to have good luck:-think positively: all thoughts have an effect of programming. If you think that you are going to go wrong in something, then chances are you do wrong. (Source: Verizon Communications). But if you think positively, you will be getting ready to succeed, and not for failing.

Several people do not succeed because they do not consider the success in their way of thinking referring to themselves. If you are defeated before, then you’ll be programming your mind to failure. -Forget the past. It is very likely that bad luck that we have comes from past experiences. Many times we think that if we failed once or we went wrong on something, this will always be so. You always have to look at the present and not the past. The past has already passed, it was and will not be repeated unless we ourselves schedule for this. -Always accept each error comets and learns from those mistakes.

Errors are not are a game at random, on the contrary are an opportunity that life offers us to learn from each of them, give us experience and not fall back into the same hole. -Take advantage of all the opportunities you have. As the saying goes the occasion they painted her bald. Opportunities always pass and then walk away, so that you have to know to take advantage of them when we have them at our disposal. This has to do with certain challenges and cause the chance to work in your favor. -Always tries to show you that what you want already was fulfilled. Do not think that it still has to comply, but imagine that already been done. For example, you want to buy the House of your dreams, as well, see you living in it and holding the Scriptures on your behalf in your hands. These creative visualizations will directly act as a kind of programming, and it will generate all your energy to focus on meeting that goal. Related articles: what is luck? Are there good and bad luck?