A working and successful development of the employees and managers conducted in Germany continuously in medium-sized and large companies at all? How is first ever to distinguish? These are the businesses with a working process in the development of their staff. You can only congratulate those companies. You are successful on the market, have a high binding of their employees, so little staff turnover, high rates of health, great employee motivation and thereby a high competitive advantage, especially in times of shortage, your investments will focus not only on the permanent new build expertise, but above all on the individual development of their employees. Turning to the enterprises, which have great potentials, so a more rough distinction arises here as well. So is there are many, particularly large companies that invest large sums in the development of their employees and executives.

Unfortunately, these sums are bad investments to none, noticeable improvement of employees and management situation lead real in the results. Why is it? Considering first the development of our employees, so the area must be considered on the one hand technical and on the other hand the area personal development. Often just big companies have their own areas for both types of training. It is common to observe that these areas have so independent, that the contracting authority within the company are perceived no longer as such. Qualification as a self-preservation of individual areas! This is usually because recognizable that professional qualifications with the cornucopia on many employees will be paid out. Through this kind of collective training, a lot of employees will be trained while, but often is questionable and is not clarified whether all employees need the qualification. Not to mention finding the lasting success of such measures. There are companies, since the client has neither the Way to determine the date for the qualification, nor the participating employees.

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