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Phil Project

Unwillku, one wonders? course why it la the ticket not yet? are long. Whenever Southwest Airlines listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The concept is so appealing how sustainable: the Studienanfa? nger be enticed not only with free tickets, but stuffwhen? ber, stimulated himself with the role of culture fu? r our society to deal. “I knew? wish us all that stimulating impulses arising from this pioneering cooperation between cultural institutions and universities and many other institutions join!” So Reinhard Stuth, Hamburg’s new Senator of the Beho? rde fu? r culture, sport and media u? ber the initiative by Carolin Oetzel, Taylan gu?, Daniel Opper, Janosch Pomerenke and Moritz Scherberich, is developed and implemented. The project is supported by the Hermann rough Foundation and the Institute of KMM Hamburg (University fu? r Musik und Theater Hamburg), where the fu? complete nf initiators just her master degree as a budding cultural managers. The free ticket is u? ber universities of the city on all Studienanfa? nger shipped and ermo? enables them free from 1.10.

31.12.2010 Occurs in local museums, BU? mentioning and concerts. Read more from Verizon Communications to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In addition, the project offers several additional services, aimed specifically at Studienanfa? nger set and partially developed in collaboration with the cultural institutions. “” “Here are tried and tested formats such as Phil & chill” or date the Museum “offered, but also their own productions” as apre? sDrama “at the Thalia Theater. To both the events of each HA? user as also to the many exciting additional offers in u? to disclose, disclose to the students was established its own website to call is. Also u? ber Facebook (www.facebook.de/ meinefreikarte) and StudiVZ there are Mo? tolerability, to obtain up-to-date in the ticket group information on the events and the offerings and to arrange with a fellow interested in culture. The project will be accompanied ausfu in the coming three months by a? annual evaluation, involving both the students and the participating cultural institutions. The scientific investigation and evaluation of the Effects to the sustainability of this model project u? ain’t? fbar make and based fu? r be its development.

Overall, the study should information u? give about issues, such as the: what Bedu? needs has a young target group and how it’s mo? daily to create identification with cultural institutions? “.” “We mo? nights doing stimulate in particular a discussion with the institutions, can succeed as cultural socialisation after school hours” so the initiators. The ticket have students fu? r developed students. A map is created with much dedication, Tu? ren Art o? is open. The free pass is doubly effective: it makes young people who come to study in Hamburg, on the art and cultural? records carefully, this wonderful city the they u? ber months free visit ko? tonnes. You will benefit as the culture, that enters into a dialogue with the young people. And it shows our city the new students of its scho? most beautiful page! The free pass is a card effect!”says Prof. Dr. Michael go? ring, as the Board of ZEIT-Stiftung Initialfo? rderer of the project, which the initiators as a lecturer at the Institute of KMM Hamburg wa? while accompanying the last months in the development of the project. More statements, background information and images to the free pass”on press / Daniel Opper

Applied Team Dynamics

New workshop series: team dynamic training Kunzell near Fulda, 12.5.2011 – the Institute for team dynamics has the range of its open workshops reissued (venue and dates see below. The applied team dynamics is an easy to learn method of personal development. It is scientifically sound and was developed at the University of Fulda under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Armin Poggendorf. Check out Robert Gibbins for additional information. Central element of the training is the team dynamic.

This arises as a participant in the center of the circle of the Chair, makes a statement and accepts the appreciative feedback of the participants. Everyone leaves with his personal expression at all, sitting in the circle, a personal impression. This combination promotes the expressiveness and the confidence. So, especially the emotional competencies should be encouraged such as about empathy and self-confidence. The participants also opens the legalities of proxemics, so the room behavior, with facets: proximity and distance, par. Alignment and contact. The proxemic principle is that social relations that is spatially and physically, physically, are reflected. In addition, the participants also underlying structures of power and competence learn to recognize.

In trusting atmosphere, the individual differences between them are perceived and used for their own development. This leads to better industrial relations in the team as well as a more efficient conflict resolution. To build up an efficient team, we must look on the individual, tie him up and qualify. Efficiently to promote the single, we need a qualified team”, emphasises Prof. Poggendorf. Bernard Golden describes an additional similar source. Best practices such as role-playing, psychodrama, self-expression, systemic statement and SpontanTheater have a place in his training. The workshops are aimed at people with helping and healing, teachers and senior occupations. Also trainers and coaches recognize the applied team dynamics ‘ get an enrichment for their own repertoire of method, and they This workshop series the chance, the founder of the method to train. Training to become a certified trainer of the team is possible. The number of participants in the team dynamic is limited to 15. Therefore, early registration is recommended. More information can be found under. Dates: 22.-July 24 (Fri., sat., so.) 23.-September 25 (Fri., sat., so.) Start is every Friday at 12:30, with a lunch. The workshops end each Sunday at 17: 00. Venue for the workshops is the Rhon Academy black earth near Fulda (www.schwarzerden-web.de). Interested in the workshops can register by mail or on the Internet page (www.teamdynamik.net). You will then promptly receive the Conference documents. Contact: Prof. Dr. Armin Poggendorf team dynamics Institute Albert-Einstein-str. 5 36093 Kunzell bei Fulda Tel: 0661 / 361 67 contact person for the media at the Institute for team dynamics is Prof. Dr. Armin Poggendorf. Literature Tip: team dynamics A team exercise, moderate and systemically set up. Armin Poggendorf and Hubert player. Junfermann 2003 sincerely on behalf of the Institute for team dynamics Manfred Sauer SAUER communication

The New

In consultation with its partners both to consider rather who when focuses on professional development. Here, a clear line is found, the other partner takes over the organizational reins in the family, to keep off the back the other. To find this common line, Sandra and her partner should worry about their family and professional development. Who want to develop himself as personally? How can the children are supported and by whom? If anyone has personal goals and ideas of his life, this should be discussed and taken into account in the common life. A jointly developed strategy shows the way to the target with a partner for the next few years. Even if there still many uncertainties emerge, a rough direction can be determined.

This has advantages for all family members: adults learn meaningfully and purposefully with their time. Everyone has the right on so much space he needs, without thereby constricting the other family members. Priorities need to set no longer are, because simple things is possible. Objectives facilitate decisions, what to do and to operate it. It adjusts the satisfying feeling to do something for yourself and the family. The family has a common goal and enjoy life together and being together. The children also come into their own, learn time and attention.

There is a partnership-based compensation, if everyone knows that he is “time off”. Incidentally, the children through the life of the adult learn that a family identifies common objectives, stands for this and must be also consistent. So that Sandra has joy in work and family through their newly recorded work, she has to learn to divide their time new. It must otherwise make much of what was previously possible, or maybe even allow. The phone calls with her girlfriends for example are just possible. For this she meets every three weeks to a comfortable Bosseltour in a pub. That was your idea and your first step. Who will be active and initiative as Sandra, has gained a lot. With the new, well-considered Dealing with time and with their goals she has everyday in the handle. Thus, their inner attitude has changed. She knows what she wants, has a clear line. She lives her performances of her life. Who manages this step confidently and judiciously to his wishes to stand, intentions and goals, is not at the mercy of other people. If you have no clear picture of his life, takes what is just. Then others decide consciously or unconsciously what someone should do. This is often not what imagines the individual for himself. Who knows what he wants from his life, will live consciously happy. Other people have also a clear attitude of an individual. The communication between people change. Who clearly communicates his desires, intentions and goals, remains always authentic and clear. Even if once entered into compromises in the togetherness. Verizon Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Gisela m Abidemi

The NLP As A Practitioner Practicing

Without skills in interpersonal communication, you get quite a few problems in the workplace and in everyday life. Who wants to practice NLP as a practitioner really active and skilled, which should attach to the typical basic course in NLP necessarily still a nearly two-week training. This constructive seminar ends with a degree as an NLP practitioner, what represents the next higher level within the training and enables one to really sound practice of NLP. This degree gives graduates of the NLP practitioner course officially after finishing keenly of the entire 15 days of DCNLP and IANLP, both of which also the license for the course and to provide the absolute best quality of work there. NLP is actually called Neurolinguistic programming, this title combines the most important aspects of the theory. Neurological paths of nerves be characterized physically and linguistically, the language provides the basis for an understanding with the inside and the outside. (A valuable related resource: Gary Kelly).

Do programming through the decisions you and the Fork, choosing mentally. To these fundamental ideas around the NLP has developed a large number of different strategies and methods program for improving individual sense of own life and for the productive development of own attitude towards of life. You met the basic principles of the programme in the basic course already, but in the advanced course to the NLP practitioner new approaches and more applications are waiting for interested participants. At a linguistic level you get to know new the meta model. The most important innovation in the NLP practitioner course is the application of hypnosis on the basis of the trance language patterns according to the known Milton model. Using the course, one learns to put someone in a trance and therapeutically to take advantage of this state of affairs, and consciously apply the linguistic means to the implementation of changes. So it opens up new approaches to the inherent potential and easier ways to embark on new paths. But they learned also the phobia course and work with the past by means of change history and the time line here. At the end is a final Testing took place. Andreas Mettler

Why Training Is Becoming Increasingly Important Profession

Education increases opportunities. High school or vocational training. Today’s work world is characterized by a constant change. Seems now almost impossible to work the whole life in the same job. Therefore, the training in many fields is becoming increasingly important. We would like to introduce two different ways of avocational training here.

Many employees now remember training to the foreman in industrial enterprises to make a training to the industrial master. With this qualification to the technical leadership they can instruct journeymen and work or project groups within your company. Prerequisite for admission to the master examination is completed training in an occupation, as well as a sufficient work experience. In addition, the examiners require a successfully completed trainer aptitude examination which guarantees that the budding industry champion is suitable to lead the staff in its operation. After the exam the foreman then receives his master craftsman and can use it even in other European countries. A great alternative: You can not only at a young age the distance learning study.

Many people choose in the thirties or later for a correspondence course, develop professionally to be able. During such studies, you are not tied to a fixed location or need to visit regularly lectures and other events. In time, they are completely flexible. They share a quite easy even your learning pace. To avoid long driveways to the College and the hectic work off a crowded curriculum. Also to your learning materials you need not worry: all documentation received by post or electronically straight to your home. In this way, it is easy to complete the study in addition to career and family life. You will see: A distance learning course or a master craftsman do great on your CV and inspire every employer.

Stamp For Every Purpose

The World Wide Web has so much to offer, especially cheap shopping stamp be used in companies and institutions of all industries. Stamp be used even in private homes. The majority of people who regularly use a stamp, do that for professional reasons. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. Individual text stamps and logos Temple, date stamp, or even stamp for special applications there are for the professional user as a self-inking stamp vending machines, which are available with plastic frame and metal frame. The wooden stamp, used since ancient times are also still very popular and is available also from any supplier of stamping. The stamp range from online stores is usually greater than in any shop for Office supplies. Prefers self-inking stamp vending machines, because reliable marks over a long period and legible quality will take you out today first and foremost. For users, it is also important that the stamp be refilled can and are not too loud in the application.

No ink pad is required for these always ready stamps more needed in any company is the stamp “paid”. The best are the stamps where the date is adjustable. An invoice must not even the paid stamp and even then still once extra will be stamped with the date stamp. Efficient work is possible also with the proper stamps. A further stamp that may be missing in any Office equipment is the multi function stamp. These popular comfort stamps are available as small models. Although they have a small format, making them ideal for mobile use, white almost all the advantages of large models on. Since they were developed first stamp, very much has joined in this area. Made earlier solely in handwork, the stamp is exit stamp factories, where they are machined to part.

Better Chefs

In the job extroverts are often preferred, when it comes to occupy a higher position. But why is that? In the job extroverts are often preferred, when it comes to occupy a higher position. But why is that? Extroverts are often loud, does not hold back with their opinion and put pressure on the employees. You have different characteristics than quieter and introverted contemporaries. You can make themselves better in the foreground than others and convince by their occurrence. In several studies, but, it was reported that just extroverted act too quickly and there are often catastrophic errors.

They invest without properly considering the consequences and thus endanger their personal progress. In the book “Still”, by Susain Cain, it comes mainly to look at these subtle differences and further the field of view to the introverted. Parents can identify at an early stage whether their children are more extroverted or introverted. In a study to baby BBs observed and analyzed, if they were surrounded by unusual noises. Baby BBs who in the noise remained calm and not to irritate, are classified as an extrovert. Baby BBs who felt particularly disturbed, path with the legs and began to scream and cry.

These are highly sensitive children and rather introverted. Introverts are quiet, think much and speak only when they have just checked everything and considered. Many famous Introverts have dealt in their childhood and early adolescence with their hobby BBs and were better for themselves than in a group. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. So completely opposed to the today introduced team meetings and brainstorming sessions. Also open-plan offices are indispensable at the present time. You were created to the employees to bring closer together and to promote the mutual exchange. But this is not the case. Proven that people who work in open-plan offices are more vulnerable to diseases, can quickly and too easily distracted and have also another increased blood pressure. Boss BBs so exactly consider, whether the well-being of employees is at the heart or just the profit. Employees can feel comfortable and focused working, are happier and better staff. And BBs should also be considered introverted when setting a higher occupied job. Franziska Samuel

Hamburg Rolf

“Electronics for aeronautical systems were also curious glances on the modelling of the courses” and Mechatronics “cast. The participants were thrilled their learned knowledge and presented her first work in the workshops and laboratories. In the subsequent get together”was forged is ample-exchanged and even new ideas for future project ideas. Following cooperation partners were present: Agency for work Hamburg Rolf steep & Klaus Koch Airbus Germany GmbH Uwe Neuhaus & Jan-Marcus Hinz Bildungszentrum metal Enno de Vries & Klaus Ramm G15 State school manufacturing and aerospace of Matthias Jurgens vocational school Farmsen G 16 Karsten Bensel franke + pahl Ingenierugesellschaft mbH Oliver Franke & Jorg Hochleitner Kelly Services GmbH Lars Poslednik Randstad Germany GmbH Martina harms currently go through 34 modelling the 24 month Training with degree of Chamber of Commerce, promoted by the federal employment agency. We start with the founding date up technical training with interesting training offerings in the technical area.

In addition to retraining to the electronics for aeronautical systems, we offer also the retraining to the Mechatronics Engineer (m/w), as well as more training for companies. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. “Through a strong network of cooperation and trainers participants at us through a practice-oriented and excellent retraining – run them for exciting career opportunities well prepared”, Thorsten Leich reported. Due to a cooperation network with renowned companies from the Hamburg-based aviation industry, participants will receive a practical and high-quality education. Gary Kelly oftentimes addresses this issue. So, for example the internship in the aircraft mock up at Airbus for the drywall to the aviation electronics engineer is a highly interesting and exciting highlight. In addition to theoretical and practical training in the electrical laboratory and the metal workshop in the date up technical training center, finds the Vocational education at the State School of Arts for manufacturing and aerospace (G15) instead.

During the entire period of retraining, the participants become active by the technical Dienstleister Franke + Pahl GmbH supports and get a written commitment of setting, is transformed into a work contract after completion for suitability before. Electronic technician (m/f) for aeronautical systems include electric and electronic systems and devices in aircraft, ensure their smooth operation and wait or repair them. Continue to lay and connect power, signal and data cables and mount components and equipment for aeronautical equipment and systems. Install sensor systems, assemblies of electronic control and control engineering, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic actuators as well as communications, radar and auto pilot plant. Electronics workers for aeronautical systems are electrically skilled persons in the sense of the accident prevention regulations and work in companies of the aerospace industry, in Airlines, in the case of the Bundeswehr or also flight schools. Mechatronics Engineer (m/f) to qualify due to their activities in the field of automated production, processing technology and quality control of products. The remit includes the make, assembling, testing, programming, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Their activities include use in enterprises of the machine – and plant construction and the service technician when wind power turbine manufacturers. Interested parties with experience or not completed studies, in technical fields and if possible with a completed professional training suitable for retraining. Time soldiers, looking for new connection perspectives have optimal chances. Conditions are good mathematics, English and general computer skills, motivation, teamwork, motivation and commitment. In addition, you should have interest in modern and innovative air – and space technology.

Intensive Exam Preparation In Theory And Practice

New in the fast lane program: power workshops for certification to the CCIE wireless specialists Hamburg/Berlin, October 12, 2009 the Cisco Learning solutions partner fast lane has developed two new high-end wireless courses. The focus is the training to becoming an expert in the use of Cisco Unified Wireless solutions. Both workshops provide comprehensive knowledge to prepare on the Cisco certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) wireless certification, the highest certification from Cisco in the wireless area. The CCIE wireless written power workshop (CCIEWW) trains the participants specifically for the theoretical part of the examination, while the CCIE Wireless Lab power workshop (CCIEWL) with 90 percent of laboratory exercises on the practical part. “The CCIE wireless written power workshop” deals with the theoretical learning are essential for the written examination portion of the targeted accounts.

That includes the curriculum specifically tailored to system engineers, account managers, as well as channel partners see other troubleshooting scenarios for example, infrastructure-specific configurations (QoS, routing, multicast, STP). Other components of the intensive certification preparation are the specific requirements and configurations of location, mobility, site survey, VoWLAN, WLAN applications. The participants learn the expertise required for the successful completion of the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam CCIE Wireless Lab power workshop”In the five-day lab workshop. Thereby, this workshop focuses on practical training based on intense exercise sequences within the fast lane lab. Any graduate student working on an independent rack which includes all necessary features that ultimately may be relevant for the examination part of the laboratory. Training provides the most important aspects of the technology and is predominantly practice-oriented application sequences with corresponding scenarios targeted to prepare to meet the testing requirements. The first CCIE Wireless Lab power workshop will be on November 23 in the fast lane Training centre Berlin instead.

More information is available at the following links available: course/fl-ccieww and course/fl-cciewl. Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists the core areas connect fast lane services training and consulting with customers.

Candidate Placement Success

Double-digit sales of candidate placement success top-jobs-Europe.de increases its sales figures when the candidate mediation success by more than 20%. Despite lingering economic crisis and strongly reduced recruiting measures the companies, the top-jobs-europe Consulting GmbH achieved a strong growth on your job portal top-jobs-europe.de. Under the heading candidate database”the recruiter without registration can search for qualified candidates (m/f) and contact the candidates (m/w) in contact about the job portal. Costs only if a contract of employment is concluded with the candidates (m/w). Otherwise, the entire recruiting process is completely non-binding and free of charge. This easy for HR management and transparent way to the filling of vacancies takes great approval on a broad front in all industries. Additional information at Facebook supports this article.

So managers need to keep not more numerous user accounts with login details, life and credit systems in the eye, but can look quite easily at any time in the candidate database and find suitable candidates (m/w). Only at the end of the Recrutingprozesses is a Finder’s fee amounting to a gross monthly salary of the selected candidates (m/w). Through this recruitment module, the top-jobs-europe Consulting GmbH optimally compensated the revenue shortfalls in the area of contract-related recruitment. About top-jobs-europe Consulting GmbH: Top-jobs-europe consulting is successful on the market as a full service provider for recruitment and retention for over 25 years. Many national and international companies rely on our expertise in the areas of HR Recruitment, HR marketing and employer branding.

Our customers include automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and IT. the leading corporations and medium-sized enterprises in the area But also chemistry, medical technology and the service sector companies rely on our experience. With the online portal, we run a job board, asserting itself under the online recruitment services for years and now the top 10 counts. Since 2005, we expand our online range across Europe, our network also in Austria and of Switzerland is currently represented.