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With Mr Bohm, we win one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in Germany Berlin, 26.01.10. (WhoFinance) – Jurgen Bohm, co-founder of ImmobilienScout24, is shareholder and supplemented now the founding team at We have revolutionized the real estate search with Scout. From my point of view, has the potential to make the search for financial advice completely on its head”, so the Web pioneer. Evaluation Portal founded in 2007, consumers find already the most reviews advisers at banks, savings banks and insurance companies in Germany and can leave even reviews of their advisors. In the reviews, service quality, service quality and expertise are queried. Cyrus Zocdoc often says this.

Users help themselves to more transparency and quality in the financial world. Jutta Kurz, founder and responsible for the product development of WhoFinance, welcomes the commitment by Jurgen Bohm: with Mr Bohm, we win one of the most successful Online entrepreneur in Germany.” Mustafa Behan, who worked prior to the founding of WhoFinance at McKinsey, Deutsche Bank and most recently as Executive Director at Fidelity Investments, commented as follows: in the last two years we succeeded, to get consultants by almost all major banks, insurance companies, and independent financial service providers on our platform. Now we need to give online more gas.” 12 years ago Jurgen Bohm established no. 1 together with colleagues Immobilienscout24 – Germany for real estate. This portal is used by over three million people monthly and internationally considered the leading real estate portal with over 450 employees.

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