Communitarian Centers

The Federal Government will have to also open a line of deep special financing the lost one for the construction of COMMUNITARIAN CULTURAL CENTERS in the small cities. With R$ 1 billion of Reals in the first year will be made possible the construction of 1200 nuclei, taking care of initially 1200 small cities. These nuclei will count on: 1) Covered gymnasium, with palco dressing-rooms (300 m2) where will be carried through esportivas competitions, teatrais meetings, lectures, presentations, dances, etc.: 2) Hall (180 m2) for assays of varied groups (folklore, theater, music, expositions); 3) Sanitary, swimming pools (infantile and adult), playground; 4) Room (160 m2) for professionalizing courses and of adult young alfabetizao of e, directed toward the local reality; 5) Refectory (60 m2), kitchen (30 m2), collective dormitory (120 m2) for children, with sanitary; 6) Four rooms and a bathroom for installation of the City councils and To tutor. These nuclei will have around 1200 square meters of construction in land of 3.000 square meters and will take care of to the aged children, adolescents, adults and. They will be managed by the CMDCA counting on the participation of the voluntariado one. The day-care center, that will function together, will only count on specialized staff yielded for the City hall.

R AND S U M the 1) federal Investment of R$ 1 billion for the construction of 1200 Communitarian Centers aiming at to the effective participation of the population that thus will be able to develop cultural projects, professional training and the rescue of the citizenship through the communitarian experience and reduction of the inaqualities. 2) Tax incentives for implantation of small companies in the cities. In the economic growth the Country will open hand, temporarily, of the taxes without collection damage, therefore the wage mass will grow, reestablishing the volume of the tributes. 3) For the maintenance of the Cultural Centers they is esteem, preliminarily, a monthly view of R$ 8,550, 00 for each one; for the day-care centers (60 children) the monthly value of R$ 4,450, 00. Read additional details here: Steven P Rosenthal.

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