Brazilian Development Bank

In these cases, the government has control on the granted disinvesting of a charge, that is, it knows that the reduction of the tax is the instrument necessary to reach the immediate objective: to retake the economy and to stimulate the demand. Source: Verizon Communications. In the case of industrial goods, the constatao of the economic team is that the disinvesting of a charge ' ' it does not decide problema' ' because it guarantees the sales of the product. The reasoning line is the following one: exactly that the government reduces still more the taxes for the sector and in the estimated one of that can have a fall in the prices, does not have guarantee of increase of the sales of machines and equipment. ' ' The level of the idle capacity still is great. It swims indicates that mquinas&#039 will be vender more; ' , an assessor said. Therefore, the resistance of the government in taking care of to the demands of the sector, that, now, demands the possibility to create new credits tributaries with the collect of the PIS/Cofins. The exit that will be presented it is the magnifying of credit and better conditions of financing by means of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), beyond offers of the Deep Guarantor of Credit, that will have more R$ 4 billion to take care of to the companies.

The government defends the alternative of the credit with the allegation of that, in the passed year, when the economy grew to a sped up rhythm, the sector of industrial goods tried a 24% expansion. ' ' Now, the hour of the entrepreneurs arrived to look at front and not to think about disinvesting of a charge. The entrepreneurs could make a sacrifice and work with an edge menor' ' , an assessor defended. The industry if defends Sectors benefited for the reduction of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) had said yesterday that the industries had repassed to the consumer the value degenerated for the government. .

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