In the paragraph seguinte28 if notices metfora29 employed in the occasion where the sensetized witch, gives up to kill the princess. In relation to intertextualidade30, we observe that the narration contains analogous parts of the Biblical book of ' ' Mateus' ' 31. Beyond these aspects it still has plurissignificao32, where we estimate, for example, what it took the witch to come to find the queen, and the absence of referncias33, for the personages of history does not exist in the reality. Originalidade34, in which exists details presented in history related with mythology the analyzed Greek (the supernatural one) and literary elements already, and the scienter suggested for the author perceived in the reading. For the investigations carried through concerning the myth and of literature, we prove the presence of both in verbal history ' ' The princess and the Serpente' ' , even so analyzed singularly, he is vidente that one depends inside on the other of this process, one states the other, since literature is born as a mitolgica narrative being ' ' history mito' '. According to Aristotle, history knows to compose events in units, which appear to the probability. In this direction, the myth supplies literature, a cognitivo special power that is not didactic, or purely rational, but that one that goes behind the events, action and them portraies as the result of ampler and changeable horizon, of which it can represent the sensible lack of of the life or the direction of absurdo35, fantstico36 or maravilhoso37.

Literature is the one expression all, of one mythical universe in which it is inserted. It is the expression of the culture, the expression of the society and the expression of history. ' ' The princess and the Serpente' ' in analysis, compreendidos38 makes aluso to the mythical one to explain events not. In way that the study of the culture Greek even so, considered archaic, for laypeople, it is still of great importance because it was to the synthesis, the summary, of diverse other cultures of peoples of the antiquity, this process of interchange between the peoples, occurred throughout the history of the humanity, who survived throughout the centuries which today we know and we usufruct of all this contribution of knowledge and culture that it provides in them.

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