Web Search

Site Map: site map in a file which contains links to all pages that exist in our Web site, the main function of this map is visually guide the visitor on the structure and organization of the page, but besides this and the most important thing here is that when we discharge our Web site and a search engine robot incoming message to arrive at the map will follow all the links there are and this ensures that the engine must be aware of all the pages. Links to our site: another important factor that search engines take into account the sites are linked to ours, but not any more important or relevant are those in which their content is related to the north and that way of thinking search engine is if a site they have content and are an important topic and link to another page with related content means that this information is also important, so we must consider the search for relevant links to our website and either through exchange or placing items on another page or commenting on blogs. Content: Well so far we have seen some factors to take into account that our website is better positioned on the results of search engines but all this must be accompanied by a good content on our site, so we should not forget to give visitors an information-rich content, resources and services and always remembering to use within content words related to the search criteria that we want to find in search engines. I mean you let us see a small example if I want to write an article on "tables" to take into account that the content must include the word Bureau on several occasions, so ideal is that the word appears in the label table of words key, description, title and image. With this we are strengthening the whole page for that search. And last but not least we must be honest and avoid cheating to get better positions, I mean by this the use of elaborate pages only by keywords and redirect to the article known as "cloacking" which use any strategy to trick the search engines as it is sometime strategies fail and search engines can not punish.

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