Vladimir Kirillov

Head of the agency, Vladimir Kirillov criticized the existing procedure for the payment of fines: Currently, all fines, which is about 12 billion rubles, fall into the general budget. Vladimir Kirillov said that it would be far more effective to damage to the environment, which has economic agents went to environmental protection. For example, the head of noted that the budget for his department this year is about three billion rubles. Every year, Russian companies are spending to eliminate damage to the environment of about 16 billion rubles. Named the country with the world's first end C water every year water on our planet are being depleted more and more. According to experts, already in the near future, many regions of the planet Earth will face water shortages.

Scientists discovered in any country in the world will end first water. As it turned out, the first was the fate befall African nation of Yemen. It was in Yemen, according to the experts before the other countries run out of water supplies. At current levels of consumption of Yemen will be provided with water for about 10 years, after which the feed water sources dry up, and two million local residents may have become refugees due to the scarcity of water. Even today, the natural sources of fresh water in Yemen is not able to fully cover the expense of water. Rivers did not have time to replenish, and lakes dry up altogether. Underground sources faster than they can fill, says the publication, especially in the metropolitan area.

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