Using Advanced Technologies

Using advanced technologies in the production of well-known companies Liebherr and "Kato", introducing its own technical innovation, concern xcmg launches the high-quality and modern technology. xcmg crane produces two series: four-wheel drive and road cranes. Trip cranes, K series, manufactured by nepolnoprivodnom chassis. Wheel-drive valves, Series qay, fabricated on special chassis, designed to operate in difficult road conditions. Further details can be found at Ripple, an internet resource. Capacity – 8 to 200 tons.

Automatic load balancing is done via the swing system with free sliding. In the security system included a moment limiter, free running rope, lifting weight. Office of the hydraulic system by means of two, easily manipulated by joysticks, that accurately perform all operations. Cranes xcmg share on telescopic and folding. manufacturing boom company xcmg uses high quality steel. Able to mount manipulators on foreign and domestic trucks, expands performance cranes. The use of imported set of high quality, guaranteed reliability and durability of equipment xcmg. The decrease and increase in speed winch drum, depending on the weight of cargo, can significantly improve of the crane.

Spacious driver's cab equipped with an adjustable seat, heating and ventilation systems. A device that absorbs vibration, is encased in a chair, to reduce the load on the shocks. In the cockpit crane is LC-display, showing all the transactions that carries the crane operator. Using the production of truck cranes of modern technology, both its own and imports, Concern xcmg earned a high reputation among manufacturers of building machinery. Sales of truck-mounted crane is carried out in many countries, and specialists continue to run in the production of new, high-tech equipment.

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