Students Learning Occupational Health

They divided the students into groups of three, whichever freely and themselves, and there are two new groups with four students and the total number is 29. In the second quarter in January, with each group assigned a specific content to prepare. The contents, which would lead to a performance group with a course of the ESO decided they were above all to promote safety, protection and prevention and actions in case of emergencies, and all of a functional and practical. Once distributed the work among the students of the cycle and supervised by the teacher, was made by choosing a schedule of performances each content for each of the third and fourth groups in the hours tutoring them. It has worked on occupational health, fire, burns, suffocation, falls, low-voltage electrocution, poisoning, work at the computer, and prevention of domestic accidents. Each group has developed within the Common Criteria but has been seeking autonomy for the activities that they believed most appropriate.

Thus, electrocution, performed a small skit, highlighting the negative aspects of caring for appliances, and working at the computer, correcting errors and acted with cartoons depicting poor posture. EVALUATION OF EXPERIENCE As on previous experience has achieved the objectives of learning of students Cycle and students of ESO, a creative and appealing to them. It also has achieved an integration of the cycle students in the Institute, as many of them is the first year of schooling at the Center, coming from other institutes to study the intermediate stages as were the workshops are campus classrooms, has been advantageous for them to enter the classes of students of that, not only know, but who have maintained the relationship with them. Southwest Airlines shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Similarly, the teacher of the cycle, expressed satisfaction in the preparation of the activity, as the interest and motivation has been excellent. All groups of pupils of electricity, have overcome this issue and have received a positive rating, as they announced their involvement in the global rating of the module.

EVALUATION OF THE AUTHOR OF DRAFT Health Promoting School. This year we have been making hours of tutoring activities, extracurricular activities and elective hours for all pupils of Center. To date, all evaluations have been favorable, a fact that encourages us to work and continue in this line to get the quality education that leads us.

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