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Today we consider the factors that have a negative impact on the financial stability of the enterprise. Certain parameters have shown inconsistency material structure, its low pay. Below presented the main points. First, the balance of the structure contains enough satisfactory structure, there is a reduction on many items, the most urgent obligations of the enterprise exceed considerably most liquid assets. Second, liquidity ratios, but the current liquidity ratio, within the statutory factors, but there is a tendency to reduce them by the end of 2005.

Apparent ‘weaknesses’ can be Inventory management real name or a slow liquidation of receivables. Yavna insufficient amount of cash. Third, the results of the study of economic stability markedly, that the company increases the percentage of loans, reduced the percentage of tools frequently used in asset costs and stocks can not be fully carried out the sources of formation. Fourth, the calculated assess the activity of a business determine what occurs in time the turnover growth of all indicators and reducing their speed. This indicates a slowdown in production and business activities of the organization, as well as insufficient funding.

Concluding of these allegations assert that the organization there is a risk that it will go bankrupt. The organizational aspect of management financial condition of the company is operational management of finances. This situation may be associated with delayed calculation of debtors on the debt, forgetfulness, an accountant, no payment schedule. In It is therefore necessary to introduce a system of daily reports (reports) which are intended for operational management of the financial condition of the enterprise. Privatization of enterprises carried out taking into account all these aspects should lead the company in a stable position, to teach employees to “live” the goals of his company, working to improve its efficiency. This method is most faithful to the author considers to display the company out of crisis.

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