Stanley Gold

Gold is and will remain a safe haven in any case for the investors of Canada gold Trust Fund. Currently is very nicely observed, the analysts of the great money houses are how disoriented. While the price of gold jumped in recent years from one high to the next, they agreed, that it would continually go upstairs. Countless investors invested in the course of this seemingly not stop never-ending upward trend for large parts of their assets in gold bullion and are now confused and disoriented. While the price of the precious metal goes through the usual on-and-off cycles and some investors will be nervous, producers and mine operators see the whole thing far more calmly. This is mainly lies in the fact that a lower gold price brings lower revenues for the produced gold with them while on the one hand, on the other hand this leads our experience but also to a reduction in exploration and mining costs, because due to competition, many mines on their encounter Limits of profitability.

This in turn causes, that capacities as are free E.g. for drilling companies and thus cheaper to buy. The labour market significantly overheated in recent years for professional employees in the mining and metals sector cools are currently a little and resulted in savings for employers by decreasing wage costs. And last but not least, the most analog falling with the gold price oil price ensures cheaper machine usage. Therefore the falling gold price is so mine operators decreasing cost effect practically saving herself. This experience makes its subsidiaries Mary Creek gold mines, Beaver pass gold mines and Stanley Gold mines, which are gold trust funds as project partners before place active within the framework of the Canada currently also the partner company Henning Gold mines. Especially in the area of Placer mining, so the surface mining of gold in the open pit, the profit margins on the basis of the reasonable exploration and production costs are so high that even without the cost effect described above at a falling gold price can still comfortably be produced. And since the multi-level security concept of Canada investors in paying anyway gold Trust Fund in the first place, a declining margin in its worst results in less profit for the initiators.

Down is already no danger of investors with regard to the price of gold: even if it should fall to a level of below US$ 800 per Troy ounce, which however not even the sceptical analysts expect the price is secured through a hedging. Should the price covered yet, this difference in the sale of gold produced by professional partners of hedging would be taken over. Thus, the break-even point for the partner company is secured. Peace of mind in the future look investors who can Canada gold Trust Fund in times of volatile gold price.

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