Access and pass exams is a hard work that can cost you years to get and even many people no longer try, why is a decision that should be very careful, since it requires many hours of study, training, sacrifice and also of luck. Anyone who ever has done this approach has had to think about the pros and cons that have be official or simply studying for it. Then we will summarize them will start with the cons: Spotlight is the social life of an opponent decreases noticeably, cannot be life itself earlier since many more hours a day you spend to prepare closer to you will be your target. It is not easy at times that we find ourselves to get a few hours to isolate themselves from any temptation that may mislead us. We must properly plan us time and guided by priorities where the first one is the study.

If the opposition chooses to combine the oppositions with a job your social life is still more affected, but in times that we are not the world You can’t afford to devote himself solely to study. You have to make economic sacrifices for example, you must decide if you’re going to study alone or with the help of a training Academy and be willing to pay for your education, thinking about these payments as an investment for the future. In the oppositions that have physical evidence should take into account also study what also prepare daily for being able to overcome them, with which the effort is double. Also for example in the case of police officers is not the same present to local police at national, because although at first glance they can be more or less similar access tests actually not so, the salary is different, functions are also different, etc. The local police charge more than the nationals, it is a theme that each one must be willing to deal with because its functions are not the same and some may feel undervalued.

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