Simas Factory Villeroy

Extravagant, outrageous and provocative series of a few plumbers Starck 1 Duravit: the cone-shaped basin with cupboard, toilet, bidet, urinal and bathroom will be a bold accent in a bathroom in the style of minimalism. According to the designer Philippe Starck, the creation of this series, he was inspired by a form of conventional buckets. To maintain the "purity of style" and save the forms in This series offers the entire line of branded accessories: toilet paper holders, stands for toothbrushes and brushes for toilet bowls. After it looks very similar cone-shaped series of Visit Keramag, Lft Spazio and Bohemian Simas. Plumbing Simas can be either in a traditional white version and a black ceramic and coated with a surface of an original drawing monograms, floral designs, intricate lines, etc., which allows its use in style, luxury, chic and glamorous – Art Deco. Inheriting Simas Factory Villeroy & Boch released a series of plumbing Memento: matt drawing ornamental monogram on the glossy surface of the ceramic white or black, that is an attribute of the interior in art-deco style, despite the direct form of the series. Starck X series, Vero Duravit, and Frozen Simas can be characterized as masculine, discreet series of sharp pointed, aggressive forms of square washstand, toilet, bidet, urinal and bathroom, for strict minimalist interiors. Softer line with a series of plumbing Oh! and Flow Simas shaped like cubes with smooth edges. For a country style or romanticism recommend a series of mental plumbing Cassini Keramag, plump shape which reminiscent of rustic barrels with honey or jam, especially the colorful round ceramic sink with a thick-walled and inflated embossed floral pattern on the edge of the basin.

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