If we analyze it, the secret lies in a mixture of coffee, beauty, eroticism, psychology and especially by these beauties, which for a couple of minutes make a confidant of the thousands of customers who pass through these cafes. Are these minutes of animated conversation, mixed with a little livid that make a coffee, which costs a little more than a dollar, we know so well and leave us an indelible record. A decent work that sustains thousands of families, many of them poor. Some have labeled these women as the most beautiful in the neighborhood, which are selected at the time of work not only in appearance but also by the ability to talk with customers. The cafes with legs are located in the center of the city of Santiago.

While there are some in areas distant from downtown, not many compared to the center. By Moreover, there are chains of coffee. That is, cafes that have the same name, are under the same ownership, have several similar local services category, decorations and accessories. To help you understand the different types of coffee with legs out there and visit so you can decide which I have classified as follows: Level 1, 2 and 3. Level 1: Brown attended by women from 30 years approx., For men and women, frequently visited by adults, quiet, no more conversation with the girls, are large rooms with direct access from the street, there is no music, only customer conversation. The coffee is excellent, very good flavor and preparation, you can also consume tea, chocolate, drinks.

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