PVC Ceilings

Now stretch ceilings have come to the Russian market and almost immediately captivated him. Such a rapid rise in popularity of this product due to its indisputable advantages compared with other types of finish ceilings. Importantly, that it must be emphasized is the high strength pvc ceiling. It can easily, if necessary to keep up to 100 kg. However, much more importantly, ceiling coverings of pvc can easily hide all the bumps ceiling surface.

In this case, you can create a ceiling of whatever shape and color. The owners of suspended ceilings are not worried about what their neighbors will flood the top. Film so durable and waterproof, that does not soak up any droplets collecting on its inner surface of all the water coming from the neighbors. Not be superfluous to note that the pvc film – an environmentally friendly and completely non-flammable material. It is also a good sound and heat insulator. Stretch ceilings or Under no circumstances will lose its beauty, do not change color and surface structure with time. They are very easy to use: you need only an occasional wipe with a damp, then dry with a cloth.

The Company's manufacture and installation of ceilings from pvc film ensures their longevity and does not affect an attractive appearance. One of the best are suspended ceilings, made in France. However, the same finishing materials Russian and German production can compete with them. It is true that Russian manufacturers are made in our time is not too diverse in size and color finishing pvc film, and the level of quality slightly inferior to the French tension ceilings. But the price of domestic suspended ceilings are much lower. Installing pvc ceiling is not hard. Quite a few hours – and the ceiling is ready! Specialists initially manufactured construction, which will keep the film. Typically, the suspended ceiling set at a distance of 3 cm from the main ceiling surface. Selecting the method of fixing depends on what is chosen from the ceiling: there are seam or seamless stretch ceilings. Due to the fact that suspended ceilings are different unique flexibility, it is not the complexity of manufacturing not only smooth but ribbed, arch and tent structures. Design modern PVC-membrane ceiling also features a large variety. Possible metal, fabrics, etc. At present, popular mirrored ceiling surface. And lovers of all unusual can afford to install suspended ceilings with various drawings and even photographs. For example, in the bedroom can be a suspended ceiling with painted on it the stars or huge flowers. And when the ceiling bore, professionals can easy to remove and install a new one. Not be amiss to mention functionality and suspended ceilings. Very simply installed on them electro-ventilation equipment. Philip Vasan contributes greatly to this topic. In this case, all the wires are hidden between the ceiling surface and by the stretch ceiling. And if you suddenly happen breakdown of equipment, then all the wires to be easily accessible.

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