Goes without saying that I have never been friends with such nominative fashions, so surprisingly coming as difuminadamente will be. Those who put topical words or phrases supposedly novel and original for joy of little loving and creative users of a snobbery translated into expressive gregariousness. It is now in the mouth of many the procrastination term to define the action or habit of delaying activities or situations to be addressed, by replacing them with other situations more irrelevant and nice when that always has been called it procrastination, much more friendly term with our ears that increasingly must support afeados and most unpronounceable words. Procrastination is one of the most common problems with which I am in my Business Coaching sessions. Most of my clients admits suffer a uncontrolled tendency towards the postponement of their tasks without reasonable grounds which justify it, incurring desperate overcrowding of work at the end and a painful and constant feeling of personal debt with himself.

Do now what you should do now and then what you can expect is a thing custodial of everyone because there is no valid and universal rules for everyone, being oneself who must identify that you must do and when, by establishing an order of priorities for managing your preferences. This is always the first thing, being so second and complementary to the management of one of the effective tools for personal organization that now in electronic form, available in the market. Try to take our head task management is the best way not to carry any properly. I am aware that the above adds nothing new to what is already known, but the important thing is not knowing it, everybody knows it, but in doing so, that all do not do. Again what truly matters to travel on the road to professional and personal improvement is therefore moving from theory to practice. Put into action. Alone or with the help of a Coach that will facilitate the achievement of best results that you justify the return on the investment made. As Coach I am obliged, somehow, try to be the product of product and implement many of the recommendations which I suggest to my clients I. Delaying the execution of certain tasks can lead to painful frustration of not getting what we propose: in August of 2011 I wanted to celebrate my 50 th birthday attending the Festival in Bayreuth Wagnerian music Cathedral and I have already bought tickets and reserved hotel original greetings of Antonio j.

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