Private Investors

More and more individuals trade on the own shares in the Internet equity portfolios are a must for share owners and people who want to be there soon: equity portfolios – also deposit account called – serve the retention of shares and other securities. If you have a securities account, can be through the depositary bank with the securities. If Citibank, DAB Bank, Postbank, Comdirect, Flatex etc. -the selection of equity portfolios is as large as the number of custodian banks. However, Bank, branch or online banking – the service offered by the banks is not uncommon with cost, especially with the so-called depot maintenance fee, connected. Who would largely bypass these costs, which should keep after a depot in the Internet looking for. Online brokers are accessible around the clock usually cheaper and also around. Some considerations should be before deciding on a specific securities account.

What should you look for in particular? At first glance many shareholders fees or any costs appear as “the” ultimate Criterion. This is all too understandable the supposed profit as a result of any “incidental expenses” but not insignificant be diminished: comparisons of provider worth is therefore essential. But he that believeth, to open a securities account, entirely free of charge which will be disabused unfortunately. Although many online brokers charge no fee, for this but for the share purchase transaction fees charged be. Here, various models are used: who makes such stock purchases with high frequency and high volume, is best served with a flatrate here the fees don’t go up with the order amount. Who invests in stocks, however, somewhat more restrained, the more benefits from percentage or tiered transaction costs. What about service and advice? Who is (still) no “stock”, the more traditionally – interested in personal conversation at his (House) Bank. Advanced stock buyer in contrast often favour an online bank – also and especially because of the more favourable conditions.

And: the almost limitless reachability spicht also for Internet-broker. But here it applies to set – especially the complication-free operability of the website of the online brokers pay special attention on the essential technical requirements. Because: What savings offer originally low transaction cost in the end, if you lose uberpropotional much time due to technical shortcomings with each stock purchase. Apart from this should be checked before carefully whether all required securities – shares, funds, certificates, etc. -the envisaged online brokers with the personal securities account to purchase are. And last but not least also the amount of credit interest plays a not insignificant role in the increase of the assets. Therefore, even this criterion in the search should take attention after a matching shares. And where can be found at the end of the right shares? Comparisons of various Web sites facilitate the decision – but not the assets shares.

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