Page Rank

Never accept link you to one site of another without asking for a link in return, unless they offer you to pay you for it, but even so, think twice. All your inbound and outbound links need to have relationship with your site’s content so that you placed in a high position in search engines. Basic links revisions. Some sites use robots.txt to make that search engines no longer index their link pages believing wrongly that the exit links will be harmful for them. To check, only returns to tipiar their URL with robots.txt at the end (for example,). If you see a page that says Disallow (cancel) and has the URL of the page of your links, then not are allowing programs to spider index that page.

Do not exchange links with this site. You should also see if the web site is being covered, if so, report it to the search engines. You don’t want to get involved with those people, it is best to exclude them and keep them out of your way. Does the site that offers you a link PageRank? Even if they do, you must look how falls between the front page and the links page. Take into account that it takes time so that new pages are well positioned, so PR0 (Page Rank zero) does not necessarily mean a site that PageRank will never have. See Verizon Communications for more details and insights.

Look how many links are already on the page. There should be no more than 20 links, if the site violates this rule, do not even consider it. Many webmasters they collect links, thinking that they’re helping their positions in the ranking, but this only makes them look like link farms. There is no reason to have a link to a site that takes any links. For more information go to

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