Neurolingustica Programming

The creativity, like other exercises, requires of practice, and as the all most difficult plan of exercises is to be decided and to begin, since once we are carrying out it we felt so well that to the other day we did not doubt in returning to do it. Before finalizing I want darte 3 advice simple to exercise your creativity: When you are looking for the solution a daily problem and think that you have found already it, oblgate to look for 5 possible solutions more. It writes down all that ocurranNo you limit yourself looking for ideas to you or solutions that seem possible to you, write down everything what it is happened although it seems impossible to you. It lets flow all ideas without using the rational part of your brain. You do not know if those that today seem impossible at another moment they will be the solution that you look for. In addition if you limit your capacity to generate solutions, answers, you will be discouraging your creativity.

It takes a registry of all ideas (it can be in a notebook or a mini recorder, mp3, which is). It writes down until the idea that more idiot seems to you. Ten the possibility always of recording or of writing down, since sometimes we waited for at least it is when the best ideas are happened to us. Many exercises exist to also increase to your creativity and many other techniques that allow to think you in the same way that the children do and to find hundreds of solutions to each problem. Imagnate perhaps if this outside thus, your work would not be much more agile? Your relations would not be funnier? Your daily life would not transform day to day? If you want to discover in simple steps how to be of the people who think outside the box, optimize their times, produce more and better, they travel by the world, they have better and funnier relations, you can accede right now guides I complete Your new creative, by 17 dollars only enters here.

* As I always say, don’t mention it he serves the knowledge if we do not put it in practice, I invite to apply these exercises today to you! Until the next one! Sofia Sofia Conti is an become fond of investigator of Neurolingustica Programming.

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