Network Marketing

In recent years I’ve wondered, because costs per entrepreneurial people both grow in multilevel systems, this method to be the most productive of all marketing systems. It is a fact that without prospects or clients there especially referring to the multilevel Marketing business. I want to compare this system with nature, which they say it is very wise and we could learn from it. Bees are such fascinating, makes million years that are among us, and his working model is unique and exemplary either by the structure of our system of marketing, you see him with a hive of bees, – ants leave them because they do not look so attractive – hierarchy structure is similar to the multilevel matrices, we have a Queen (the director or Manager of the system or business), we have soldiers (leaders and business engines) and finally we have the workers (most, affiliate business) all bees working for a same goal, which is to create wealth constantly (honey) Network Marketing (hive) It is the means by which organizes all the frenetic activity of members (bees) all this is fantastic, if but only to bees, that they have the sense of the hive, something which we don’t have in the framework of the business by our human condition. If the sense of the hive is so fantastic for bees, why not for us? Bees work together in full coordination, and the result is extraordinary. Unites Les the survival and a link is almost sacred sense of hive will analyze what interests us. Now I want you to enumerate the advantages of our business, don’t panic, I don’t want to sell you nothing is a 100% guaranteed business, that works in an array of 3 x 15 levels. Has a plan of 6 months, where’s guarantee that you win more than 3800 euros per month… Tea guarantee, practically every day you’ll have tools, tips, a course in fascicles.

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