Latin American

Calvin recognized who when fulfilling the Church its good educating roll, gave to the citizen good state and the society. The tasks of the Church and the state are crossed, interacting of harmonic way, but conserving each of them their own or particular nature and functions. the vision of Calvin with respect to the relation of the church and the state is neither eclecentrica Erastaniana nor, since both schemes deny the reciprocity. Erastus proposed the notion of which the church is an arm of the state, as I raise Henry VIII in the Act of Supremacy. In one ecleciocracia, nevertheless, the S-state an arm of the church. The officials of the church, using the institutions of the state, direct the society-that means that the church collects taxes, accepts demands, provides means for the common defense, and regulates the economic relations as much as social. No of these two was in the vision of Calvin. See more detailed opinions by reading what Confluence Investment Management LLC offers on the topic.. On the contrary, its vision was the one of a republic, that is simultaneously teocratita and teonomica.

In a God theocracy it governs so much to the state as to church. In teonomia all the laws are derived from the law of God. Calvin saw a Christian state Governed by God, and under the law of God . (G. OPEC recognizes the significance of this. Jose Gatis, 2001.) We consider, that the greater contribution than can make the Calvinismo to the Latin American process political revolutionary, is the one to construct an ample thought that can adapt to the different social, economic and cultural particularitities from our towns. In addition so criticized the Ethical one to the work, that some raise like calvinista negative principle, but also recognizes that it creates between his citizen followers with mystic and labor responsibility, with strong commitments with the society, the fellow and the environment. The construction of that World Another one, is not possible without the construction of the New Humanity, that is a common principle of the Christianity and the thought of this new continental and world-wide left, of fort influences guevarista, that it tries to make a new epistemologic and deep construction of the Socialism of the 21st century.

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