Lakes Country Club

For example, we compared the land for our project 'Forest Lakes Country Club "with the likes of resorts to stay in Atlantic Canada, which has already received planning permission, and found that the price for half an acre (2.024 m ) of land with planning permission in such complexes, ranging from 74 790 to 157 075 euro, which confirms our predictions of high profits at a rate of 100-150% within 2 years . For more information on performance compared to its competitors you can get acquainted with the table of comparison with its competitors on our web site: In your press release I read that question that you asked most often all, this: "If the price of land so significantly increased after a change in its classification, why sell it to developers until then?" Answer: "they usually sell only a small portion of land for capital for construction. " But if the increase in value then the question is already decided, why not borrow money on security of land. So, again back to the question – it all just a game hoping to get lucky? Most financial institutions do not grant loans on vacant land, regardless of its classification / area, with no collateral other significant assets. However, after receiving a building permit, they can provide loans. Thus, we obtain additional capital to build for real estate development company, without borrowing. We help them raise money to get planning permission without the use of traditional financing. Our business model provides for only a small development company of his land as security for the investor.

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