Jesus One

In summary, these plagues act thus: What the larvae had not eaten, the farming grasshoppers eat, what it sobrou the grasshoppers migradores eat and what still surplus, comes the pulges and they dry of time! Spiritual, they are chaste the demonic ones that consumes its plantation, fruit of its work: they are the malignant figures of the migrador, cutter, cutter and devorador. I exercise it is it of the evil that comes to make war against you! They are combatant troops, forces of badly, seted until teeth to devorar everything! CUTTER = dries to all its chances, in all the areas of vidMIGRADOR = what already he was its, goes for outrosDEVORADOR = consumes everything what he is of its daily (money that does not relieve more, food that lacks, until the clothes last less and you perceive, in the practical one, that what gave it sobrava, now falta.DESTRUIDOR = is the spirit of death of the malignant one, characterized for the sudden and incurable illness that leads until the death. How to get rid itself of this army of the evil? It takes off of them the water, therefore without water, it does not have life. What do you mean? If it delivers the God completely and it is part of the sarmento, that is the pole of the grapevine, connecting rod of the grapes. obeys the God, who the evil has that to leave never more running and not return!

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