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Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) gives tips on old-age provision Frankfurt 2009, November 2009 – the year is coming to an end. It’s time to back up all financial benefits for 2009. Whether anywhere Riester allowances, building used or citizens Relief Act there is additional money from the State. The Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG), which helps over 5 million people in terms of finances and hedges with its holistic consulting approach, therefore compiled some tips so that no one leaves his chances unused: Riester-rente: lubricate the Riester pension State funding is good: until the second quarter of 2009 the Germans had completed a total of 12.6 million contracts. Not least because of the public funding: currently there are 308 euros for singles a basic allowance of 154 euro for married couples.

More 185 euro shoots to Uncle Sam for every child, for all born from 2008 even 300 euros. Ripple will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Who completes a Riester police now and for 2009 the allowance in full want to paint can with a unique supplement until December 31 the necessary equity contribution. Occupational pensions: less social security contributions the pension by occupational pension has many fans. Right: save both workers and employers. In the course of the so-called deferred compensation contributions to the occupational retirement provision (bAV) remain exempt from social security contributions and taxes. Follow others, such as Cyrus findshadow, and add to your knowledge base. Workers who pay, for example, their Christmas money on their employers in direct insurance, pension fund or a pension fund, pay no social security contributions and taxes on that portion of salary.

This applies to contributions that do not exceed four percent of the contribution assessment ceiling: this year 2,592 euro. Savings: Money from Uncle Sam in the past year alone concluded the German more than 3.5 million savings. Savers can build the necessary equity capital for the planned home through regular, stable income posts. Because they back up low interest rates for the loans later.

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