Cerebral palsy – a group of different severity forms of motor disorders of the body muscles. In a sick child may be violated function of muscles of legs, arms, spine deformity of joints. Also available are hearing, speech disorders, lack of communication and other skills necessary for life. Is very important to preserve many of the children of intelligent features that determines the possibility of learning. Situation in which a child restricted in his movements, has a great influence on its development. Like other healthy children, he can not run, jump, play, socialize with other children. Any activity causing him trouble, he gets tired easily, can complaining of a headache, malaise, possible mood swings, irritability, moods.

Very often the child is not inclined to cooperate, is closed. At preschool age the leading business is a game through her children get acquainted with the world, learn to speak, read, talk, but for children with cerebral palsy because of the limitations of movements, abnormalities in language development, it is not the lead. It is therefore very important for his development is the formation of gaming activities, ie necessary to teach a child to play. To activate it, build communication skills, develop movement necessary to create conditions under which child could actively, with the desire and looked through the games included in the cognitive activity. One such condition is the establishment of the zone, which should be different in function and purpose educational games, books and manuals.

We must develop with the age, as soon as the child begins to utter the first sounds. At the age of 1,5 to 3 years old kid show and identifying objects by using images, cubes 'Animals' 'Vegetables', 'Toys'. From 3 to 7 years cubes 'Animals', 'Transport', 'Heroes of fairy tales', 'ABC', 'Numbers'. With cubes child acquainted with the objects of the world. Playing with dolls baby knows himself in this world: 'I am a man', 'I am from ' 'I have a family. " Game 's Family 1, 2' will help your child understand who the grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc. Child 5-7 years is very important to introduce letters and numbers. This will help the game 'Slovodel', 'Alphabet trailers', 'Digital Box' 'Mathematical tablets'. A child with cerebral palsy may be the motor defects of hands to develop fine motor skills and also to explore the letters very helpful shnurovalnye games 'Daisy', 'Snowman'. Games with lacing liners will not only improve motor function of hands, but also give new insights about the world, develop memory, thinking and speech. Keep in mind that a child suffering cerebral palsy, needs a sparing regime, he gets tired easily, can refuse to play. Necessary to interrupt the game to give him a rest and some time later to continue again. All proposals and other educational games are on the Internet – shop developmental toys' Smart pipsqueak. "

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