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We are bewildered. This phenomenon is at the base of the crises and challenges afflicting us. Further, the human predilection egoistic and natural to pursue the egocentric pleasures at the cost of others has intensified with the passage of time. Today, people try to rather than never forging its success based on the ruin of others. Intolerance, alienation and hatred have reached new and horrendous heights, endangering the very existence of the human species. When we look at nature, we see that all living creatures are constructed to follow the principle of altruism or worry about others.

This principle is fundamentally different to that seems to motivate human beings. Cells within organisms come together in a mutual delivery with the purpose of supporting the whole body. Every cell in the body get what you need for their subsistence, and invests the rest of their energies serving the whole body. At each level of the nature, the individual works for the benefit of the total of which it forms part, and therein is your own sense of fullness. Without the altruistic activities, the body may not persist. In fact, life itself may not last.

Today, after multiple investigations in various fields, science is coming to the conclusion that mankind, also, is actually one full body. The problem is that we, human beings, contrary to the living body, still ignoring this conclusion, acting against the whole body of mankind. Finally, after all, we have to wake up and understand that the problems that obfuscate our current lives are not product of coincidence, nor can not be solved by any means that we know the past. These problems will not disappear, but it will get worse until we change direction and begin to operate according to the comprehensive law of the Nature the Act of altruism. Each negative phenomenon of our lives, from the most specific to the most general, comes from the transgression to the laws of nature. We have it quite clear, if we skip a building high us heriremos, we know that in such a case we would be acted against the law of gravity. What us is unclear that our lives within human society and relations between us, are also handled by absolute laws. So, we must stop, today, and examine ourselves, to see where we are transgressing the laws of nature and find the right way of living. Everything depends on our conscience, only: how much better we get to know the system of nature, less suffering we will experiment, and faster evolucionaremos. In levels inanimate, vegetative and animal, altruism is inherent as the law of existence. But at the human level, we ourselves must form that type of relationship. Nature has left in our hands in order that we can raise us to a new and exalted level of existence, which we can achieve in the footsteps of the Kabbalah. ** The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cibernetica, doctor of philosophy and cabala, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge. He is founder and President of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel.

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