Fund Kanam Grundinvest

Limitation of damages is threatening the crisis of the open-ended real estate funds in Germany continues: the almost four billion euros in heavy Fund Kanam Grundinvest (WKN: 679180) is resolved. After the ninth open Immobilien(Dach)Fonds the settlement said real estate end of December 2011 with the open real estate funds DJE, an another heavyweight of the industry is now handled and sold all of its 51 objects. The Kanam Grundinvest funds didn’t make it not in the past two years to accumulate enough cash for a resumed of the redemption. May was too big, the shaft of the percentage return requests by institutional investors so that I saw forced fund management, to take this step. This is for the decision on the continuation of CS Euroreal (WKN: 980500) and of the SEB Immoinvest (WKN: 980230), which is until may 2012, not good idea. The Kanam Grundinvest with approximately 4 billion assets is in addition to the CS Euroreal with fund assets last 6.3 billion euros and SEB Immoinvest with EUR 6 billion assets is a heavyweight in the industry damages due to incorrect advice investors of KanAm Grundinvest should rely not only on the future development of the Fund and the intent of the management companies, but rather seek advice from a lawyer specialising in capital investment law, to check possible claims for damages.

As participation in the KanAm Grundinvest despite clear signs of liquidity problems in the first crisis of the open real estate fund from October 2008 to February 2009 as a safe investment was offered, for example, in some cases investors, without pointing out the suspension already carried out. Also was not pointed out by banks in the consultation vertreibenden the Fund often their own Commission interest. Limitation of damages is threatened precisely because of the repeatedly announced and postponed opening of the fund investors have lost much time. The limitation of Threatens to damage claims. Because at present apparently even the management companies can not say whether sufficient liquidity can be achieved, investors should be now active to avoid loss of rights. Want to know what options you have as an investor of KanAm Grundinvest? Call me, I will gladly help you!

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