Emissionshaus King

Enforcement of claims for damages as a way out for investors of ship funds MS lay on the Emissionshaus King & Cie. “City of Lubeck” is insolvent. Renovation conducted the 2009 with a significant margin of 235 investors of the Fund has failed. The more than 8 million, invested by investors are likely to be lost. The Fund management company for over 2 years the repayment of borrowed the deferred and an additional current account credit granted has been was, despite the renovation efforts unable to settle their liabilities. Due to the extremely difficult situation on the global shipping markets were not sufficient recoverable Charter revenue for it. The risk of total loss inherent in a ship holding has thus realized. We represent many investors involved in the King & Cie.

ship Fund MS “City Lubeck” enforcement of claims for damages as a way out for investors. We have examined the individual investment advice for this. In our opinion There are significant indications of a regularly faulty investment advice. Very many advisory error is repeated with the vast number of investors. Accordingly we assert claims for compensation against banks, savings banks, or free consultants, who have to advise our clients in connection with the participation in the Fund of the ship. Regular consulting error of ship funds as retirement not suitable: the investment in the Fund of the ship is a highly risky entrepreneurial participation, in which due to the high leverage is the risk of the total loss. However, the participation as a safe investment, as retirement savings or investment in the age was recommended.

Such participation is not appropriate according to the Bundesgerichtshof as pensions. The consultant had therefore not may recommend the Fund. Projected distributions portrayed as return: the dividends that investors should receive regularly, were misleading way represented in the consultations as a return. That regular payments were partly a refund of previously invested equity, investors have been noted regularly nor, as on the fact that liability for the fund company’s debts caused by these payouts.

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