Different Search Engines

Optimal promotion web site is impossible, unless you consider the requirements of search engines, where it is carried out. But we must not forget that each search engine has its own unique algorithm ranking, and if the site is a leader in, say, Google, is not necessarily that he will be the first and Yandex. We now turn to a brief description of the main features of the promotion and support of a site in the major search engines you'll ever need. At promotion of websites in Google should be a priority filling of the site unique content. Google has a dynamically evolving system of filters that are very difficult for automatic optimization. PageRank mechanism is aimed primarily at the site napolneie unique information. Therefore it is very useful it may be the practice of creating cross-references, link the pages together. It should also be bear in mind that ups (Update Search) on Google there are significantly more likely than other search engines, which leads to a permanent change in the issue. Web site promotion in Yandex, depending on complexity of request last from 3 to 9 months in case the site for any reason, do not hit in the ban or filter. Promotion of business sites in this system is costly, since it occurs in a tough competition for places in

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