The process is being used by coaches around the world for this very purpose and leaders almost always achieve positive changes in behavior, not the opinion of themselves, but by the opinion of his co-worker trabajr first requirement for change in the behavior of a leader is to confirm that he really is interested and sees the need for change as a benefit, refuse to work with leaders who does not care. Have you ever tried to change the behavior of an adult who was not interested in doing? Work only with executives who are willing to make a sincere effort to change and believe that this change will help them become better leaders. The second requirement is not working with clients referred by serious violations of law or personal integrity, I believe that people with integrity violations should be reported and fired, not coaches. A process of coaching for behavior change only works if the company is willing to give customers a fair chance and if he is motivated to improve, if these conditions do not exist, this process should not be used. Note that customers would not become a better person because of his experience as a coach. The coach is not the key factor in changing behavior. a customer with hard-working and motivated is more important than a brilliant coach! The main variables that determine the long-term progress are the people who are coaches and their co-workers and the public, they participate in helping the person in four important ways: 1) Release the past. . Oracle may help you with your research.

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