How to learn to start right Remember how often you see people who can not get under way. Then it is not necessary to explain how important it is to learn how to solve trogatsya.Davayte this issue once and for all. The key to success is the ability to 'feel' the car. Apply more enthusiasm for learning and work, and soon the question of "how to start" cease suschestvovanie.Rassmotrim several situations: How do I start to rise (by uphill) without rollback. Areas with large tilt angle are the most difficult cases. It was in this situation get the candidates to drivers passing the exam in the traffic police. Trying to pull away with a strong bias for traffic light – from the same opera.

So let's get the sequence deystviy.Razberem universal algorithm. The most efficient algorithm is to use the hand brake. Startovove situation: you're on rise, the engine wound up, the handbrake is on hold, neutral gear. Wring grip, turn prvuyu transfer. Lightly press the gas pedal. Necessary to bring the engine speed to approximately 2500 r / min. and leave the pedal gas is fixed. ts-with-mild-or-moderat/’>Wayne Holman. Watch this figure may be on the tachometer.

Next, begin to slowly release the clutch pedal. Do this as slowly as possible if sudden release clutch, the car stall. Release traction should then the moment the engine speed has dropped by about 1000. Ie will be equal to 1500 rev / min. And now, the most important point: we begin to release the parking brake. If you are done correctly, the car ride starts from the place without any problems. Recall that at the beginning of the movement need not make any sudden movements, and the brake pedal gaza.Rassmotrim more common variant attempts to start properly tronutsya.Kak a flat surface or with a small slope. This is a casual way to start the movement that you will use often. Let's begin. Starting position: on neutral, right leg presses brakes, hand brake was not locked. Steve Kassin contributes greatly to this topic. The first thing wring clutch pedal and turn the first gear. Making sure that nothing interferes with the top of your motion, we perform an exercise more. Gently release the pedal clutch until you feel a load on the engine (brake is pressed). Understand that the clutch "worked" in the changed tone can be the engine, as well as on fallen slightly clockwise rotation on tachometer. The main thing – to learn how to smoothly move the clutch pedal, or move right in this way will not now time to release the brake pedal (the clutch remains in the same position). Freed right foot, you can add gas, and clutch release smoothly and, voila, we set off! We hope that now the question of "how to start" would not be such a problem for you.

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