Castle Hotels In Scotland – Sleep

Nights in castles, chateaus and historical mansions, a special accommodation for all Scotland travellers. Anyone who has ever dreamed to feel, so as a Scottish landowner like a Laird of Glencairn, who can this dream without major problems meet with a stay at one of the many Palace hotels that exist anywhere in Scotland. Scotland is the land of the manor houses, once used by the English, befitting to live and of the castles, which were the Lairds. Many of these impressive castles are still owned by the clans and Lairds. Since but the mostly very large locks costs much money, more and more families have decided to rebuild her Castle into a hotel.

Out came this great hotel with a unique ambience in a beautiful landscape. It’s a misconception that a vacation in an original Scottish castle must be expensive, because in many of this castle hotel you can already very good stay for less money and get even in the morning a full Scottish breakfast. One of these hotels is Inverlochy Castle, on the same Lake and at the foot of the Highlands. The hotel has 17 very tastefully furnished rooms in a classic English style and if you like, who can go there also play golf or fishing. Even Queen Victoria was fond of Inverlochy Castle and called it a charming and romantic place.

Like a fairytale Castle, Glenapp Castle is situated high above the Irish Sea. The Castle, close to the small picturesque town of Ballantrae, is privately owned for centuries and today, 17 rooms await the guests. You can also eat at Glenapp Castle and then take a tour through the Park. The lonely, Castle is especially nice, when blooms of rhododendron in all colors. By the way, who stayed at the castle with its many Oriel Windows and towers, warranty, get the goosebumps because supposedly the ancestor of the current owner, should in walk the night still on the long corridors. The Scottish manor houses are cheaper than the magnificent castles, but no less beautiful. A good example of a nice hotel in a unique landscape, is Kinloch House in Blairgowie, in the region of Perthshire. The House was built in 1840 and is today run by the family. Kinloch House is an ideal starting point for those who want to enjoy hiking in Scotland. In addition to 18 charming rooms, the old manor also has a restaurant and a swimming pool. It’s not hard to stay in Scotland as a genuine Laird of Glencairn! For more information on the Web page

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