Well, that same phrase can be applied to a Pentium 133. When the malware ruin your modern Windows, when the last version of Office is under-utilized by an update badly done, when the clock becomes your enemy and despair invades your mind, you know that you can resort to an old but efficient system, and write down everything you need there. I can use? An Office 97 license can be obtained today at a price nearly laughable, but we must not forget to version 2.4.6 of AbiWord, the last to be compatible with Windows 95. (5) Billing / point of sale anyone visiting an Office can be seen on desks fast, and modern terminals that usually suffer each time that its operators put their claws on them, and who end up reganados by systems personnel, since they must live performing maintenance. However, in places like a clothing store or a restaurant you can see these Immortals beige housings, running for days without being turned off. If you have your own business, the Treasury can claim many things from you, but to use a system of thousands of dollars just to make you spit a sheet as proof, is not one of them.

There are shops that still use DOS to run your billing software. Print vouchers can sue even less than a Pentium 133. 6) Seedboxing well, here things get complicated a bit. The seedboxing is nothing more than the creation of a server for loading and unloading of files, usually through P2P file sharing networks. BitTorrent is very popular when it comes to seedboxing, since it is possible to set up a client, allow you to download files and control it fully remotely through a special function as it is the client uTorrent WebUI. The problem is that uTorrent is the limit here. The oldest system that can work with is Windows 2000, and the requirements for such a system are a Pentium 133 with 32 MB of RAM.

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