Ballot Heading

The literalidade matters in considering that the right incorporated in the heading has its mentioned existence, its content, its extension and its modality in the document. The function of the literalidade is constituent and source of independent right. The heading is literal because its existence if regulates for the text of its content if it enunciates in one writing, and what it is in inserted it if only leads in consideration; an obligation that of it does not consist, even so being express in separate document, it is not combined. Thus, its existence, its content, its extension and its modality must be mentioned in the document. The implications of the literalidade in the Ballot of Agricultural Product are demasiadamente evidentes in the character of essential requirement, ' ' it will be able to contain other clauses launched in its context, which will be able to consist of document to the part, with the signature of emitente' ' , ' ' becoming, in the ballot, mention to this circunstncia' '. Third I begin raised is about the autonomy which the obligations represented for a credit heading are independent between itself. The autonomy is of each right mentioned in the heading. Each obligation contained in the document is independent, exists by itself, in way that the buyer or carrier of the heading can exercise its right without any dependence of the others obligatory relations had preceded that it.

Who signs a bill of exchange is for obliged it. He is exempt of eventual I infect of the vices or nullities of other signatures, on which it does not depend. Who bag or emits, who accepted, who endorses or who guarantees one bond is signatory of an exchange declaration, is responsible for the accomplishment of the value that it affirms to exist in the definitive time and place. It is compelled because it signs and for what signs.

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