Anger And Dreams

If to arrive behind at our work and will be called to the attention for the head, are irados, but soon we perceive our error and the anger goes even so. If to leave to fall something valuable of our hands, with certainty we iramos. All these simple facts can in to provoke the anger. This test that the anger pursues in them. It appears in our lives as a wind, in an impulsivity.

We do not obtain prevents it, but we cannot allow that it goes down in our heart and nor she makes nest in our mind. Therefore its effect is arrasador. Speaking candidly Etienne Locoh told us the story. It is the worse gale that can appear in our way. It leaves in the life of the people, wounded that they do not heal. It exists since the time of Adam.

It was the anger of Caim that killed its Abel brother. Because of the anger many families had been destroyed, many had lost good jobs, others are in the hospitals, and many in the deep one of an arrest, etc. To be irado we need to set in motion sixty and two muscles, and to smile, only twelve. They think about this! The anger simply in them ages prematurely e, moreover, it is harmful to the health and it takes off the appetite and sleep, at last, destroys our dreams. We go to see what the bible says in them on the anger: The anger shelters in the seio of the fools, this means that to hold back the anger in the heart it is to be qualified as a fool. You will go more you do not sin. If it does not put the sun on your anger. This means that it appears more cannot esbravejar not to make ruptures. It is more easy to dominate a city in flames of what the anger of a man. This wants to say the anger mixed the fury is the causer of the tragedies. It appears many times in the agitated transit, in the treasons between couples and almost always it is fatal. It makes many victims. Therefore, my friends, not valley penalty to be irado, much less to hold back it in our heart and leaves to make it dwelling in our mind, because simply it takes off our peace and destroys our dreams. They think about this and your sleep will be soft!

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