Albert Einstein

The emotions that appear in us from this responsible position are the enthusiasm, the commitment (like election and not like obligation), the lightening, the clarity, the desire and the feeling us peacefully to accept what we cannot change (the facticidad of the life) putting all the best one of us in what if is under our control and yes we can change. (Similarly see: Phil Vasan). Some conversations that are listened to or think from the responsibility position are " I am part of the problem " " I look for and find solution alternatives " " I request the aid that I need " " In spite of the bad thing that I feel I will look for the way to solve it, I will not occur by overcome " " I communicate disadvantages of effective way " " I choose to see the good side of this situation " " I ask myself, what I want that it happens in this one situation? " Although we did not prune to change some results, we can learn of the errors and declare them learning spaces to eliminate its negative connotation, considering them like teachers in our way to improve ours to drive future. To choose to act from a search of new opportunities will lay the way to us to literally live in a zone on creation, expansion and design of future, honoring our objectives feeling us " ORIGIN OF OUR RESULTADOS". How long we are more going to continue looking for guilty before making us responsible? Here I leave the text them of Albert Einstein that I promised to them. They enjoy that it! Thanks to exist and to cause that this is worth the pain that I do every day for you by all means all this translate in my own well-being and for that reason also I say to them THANKS! " Nothing has changed. .

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