The First

And I’m not talking a mere further course of a theory, which I could accept as likely or right for me and I then superficially represented my indescribable longing for inner peace with a new, a further outer faith, a presumption, in the sense of a life philosophy externally, so”placate left theory. This was really the first time in my life not because it is, and this We all feel at some level, no peace, no blessing or happiness, because true change will not take place here. This time something different happened obviously, because the world, myself, and actually everything else also had changed suddenly for me. What I’m talking about, is an all-changing consciousness experience, in which I took part, an ERLEBen with all your senses, an objective vision, communicating and if limited also human being with God. Since these events, it is always aware that a definition, a Word, a word impossible to describe, what I learned in this oneness with everything in this identification with God. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cambiar Investors.

And it strikes me hard again and again on the new, higher power, this incredible phenomenon with the words of God, divine principle, to designate creation or even universal energy, because of course a MissverstandNIS is inevitable, because none of the words really describes what I actually describe want. Even words sometimes convey ideas, which I really as wanted to avoid in this context. “Thought which foresees the personification, the humanization of God where we likes to imagine a tyrannical punishing God in un human categories, thinking and acting ability or his God laws” andichten, which not even a gerechtigkeits sentient human beings were wurdig. So do pictures of the phenomenon of God us that resulted from limited human comprehension, but have keinerlei actual relevance. Therefore I prefer, even if I dealt with her extremely happy, a communication of the heart of verbal communication, since this wordless understanding is possible. An understanding that goes far beyond our concepts, and probably large exhibit room can provide the divine presence of self-expression available. No reality there as the one God, so all God is, we have just the room for everything”open so that God adequately and angemessen therein can reveal himself.

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