Exactly when we take a way missed, we can always find a new direco for the success. To any height we can catch in a map that in them indicates new routes. To stop is not an option. Since that let us keep the focus in our goal, we always obtain to find a way. always exists innumerable options, innumerable ways, is not limited only the one option. More info: Larry Ellison. The success is an day, not a destination.

It is therefore that we must strengthen in them so that each step is significant. A positive attitude helps to us to advance it e, exactly when we do not have the certainty of where we are, this does not mean that let us be lost. A different passage can be a chance to explore the stranger. For times we have fear to leave the auto-road of the life to take narrow and unknown a way, however the shunting lines can be beneficial in the measure where they can take in to discover them the beautiful things of the life that of another form we would have lost. The road less travelled costuma rewards to offer it of the landscapes most flaring.

Whenever it arrives at one bifurcation, decides to trust its intuition to guide it. Either spontaneous and it is allowed to enter in contact with its interior. Espontaneidade of – it freedom and the possibility to get success in new enterprises. The option of in them becoming pioneers always exists. The coming generation will be able to have access to a better route and most traced, if we will have the courage to forge a new passage. Questions of auto-reflection: 1. What I must make when to arrive at a dead-end? 2. How I will be able to become me less rigid and more flexible? 3. That alterations I can make to guarantee that usufruct in such a way the final destination as the trip in itself?

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