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Dr. Hetmeier sees Dortmund real estate opportunities and risks social focal points have been established many German cities. There are often close to inner-city area with lovely old building substance. However, a multicultural population structure, high levels of unemployment, poverty and addiction problems deter investors. Because aggravated the problems, threaten vacancy rates and decline in value. Cities that want to counteract this trend, have it hard to convince investors of a commitment.

The Dortmund Office Dr. Hetmeier real estate advises its customers to take not only the risks, but also the chances of such problems in the view. It is wrong to narrow down the valuation of a property on the situation. For the rental of investment properties, the equipment and the price played a role. Finally winning Liege in purchasing as you know. As with any investment decision, risks and opportunities the balance is also at an engagement in real estate.

Who is willing to take higher risks, gaining also the chance of a higher return.” Agent Dr. Marita Hampton estimates: you can’t get a decent apartment in the Dortmunder North city for eight times of the annual rent. This represents a return of 12.5 percent. In Hamburg and Munich, investors pay now to the 36fachen of the annual rent. At a yield of less than three percent you can discourage only an investment in real estate.” In addition to the price argument wave investors in problematic residential subsidies and tax benefits. Dr. Hetmeier: Investors should make sure whether the property in a designated formal redevelopment area is located. Who here buys a renovation-needy apartment building and renovated, can write off similar to tax the redevelopment effort as at monuments with 9% in the first eight years and 7% in the next four years. This is a serious and at the same time highly lucrative tax shelter.” Who is thinking to purchase a low-cost investment property in a problem area, you need to invest not only money, but also time. The time required for the care of such “Real estate is higher,” white agent Dr. Hetmeier and adds: who for more than an hour to drive to achieve the desired real estate, prefer the hands off it shouldn’t. ” If all goes well, real estate in the problem area can eventually benefit from the trend in favour of inner-city near residential areas. Who is already invested, when the process of gentrification, has done everything right. Then increases in value, making the high-return investment really profitable wave. That is, when strong dividend shares on the stock exchange the North make a price jump.

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